1. raduv1

    WOW , thats some hole .

    Hungriest of black holes among the most massive in the universe Short version: 34b times the mass of the sun. Eats about one star a day. 8000 times bigger than our own Milky Way black hole at the center. If our Milky Way black hole wanted to get that big, it would need to eat 2/3rds of all...
  2. D

    WOW, that Spring was amazing. Let's hope Summer is too

    I suppose having time at home whilst experiencing a Spring like no other certainly helped, but I do hope we don't now end up with a full Summer. Though today is a damn good start 😁☀️
  3. B

    New ethernet cable..... wow.

    After a bit of a move around in the house I needed 2 longer ethnet cables so I thought I would try some cat 8 cables. As a bit of a hi-fi enthusiast I have read on many forums the do they don't they threads I decided to give it a go. I changed out the cable from my switch to my cxn v2 and can...
  4. GadgetX

    Wow - Mute button issues

    Ok My LG OLED C9 TV is having issues with the mute button. If we push mute button is sometimes stays on for 5 secs, others 3 minutes, but never stays on. Mute shows on screen as it should. No rhythm or reason. Any thoughts.
  5. P

    Upgrade and WOW factor! Black Friday buy.

    Currently have Samsung 40 inch nu7120 an emergency purchase a year ago when our other living room TV died on us. It has served us well and we have been impressed with it, the previous TV was not that great and old! We are now on the look out for an upgrade to a bigger and better TV and the...
  6. F

    disney world of wow calibration disc

    just picked one of these up put it in my panasonic bdt700 but just get audio and a blue screen same result in ps3 any ideas thanks
  7. Essoman

    Bargain The new Dambusters Blu Ray WOW

    what a great package, and the picture stunning! £22 on Amazon.
  8. M

    Question wow this is addictive but where do you stop....?

    Hi a newbie here ...but not a youngster however still seeking my sound nirvana... Having always loved my music and starting in the late seventies I enjoy a varied spectrum my first system comprised a Thorens TD 160 (I think), Technics amp (long gone ...ex threw it out:nono:) and a pair of...
  9. Paulieb12

    Question Cheap option or blow budget for WOW factor?

    Hi - Hoping you will be able to help me I'm looking to buy a new 55inch TV. I mainly watch HD (some SD but not that bothered by quality when I do as it usually old classics) Sport (mainly football), Films, TV Series, Documentaries and usual nightly fodder (First Dates :) ) For example Black...
  10. Alaric

    3D LUT eecolor box - WOW!

    Hi There, I've an older Mitsubishi HC5 projector. It's a 3 chip SXRD projector and throws a very good image on my 101" 16:9 acoustically transparent DIY screen in my light controlled cinema. However i'd struggled a bit with calibration of it as the CMS is a bit of a sod. It's a great 1080p...
  11. silouette

    Don't Breath on blu ray.... Wow thrills on a budget

    Hi Guys Just in case you missed this one. It's just so utterly brilliant a complete involving experience of visual and audio excitement, complete with fantastic soundscapes and good sub woofer workout. All for a few million dollars,showing you don't need a big blockbuster budget to get the big...
  12. martin2017

    Wow thats red

    just turned on my Panasonic DMR EZ25 after a long break ( months) and every disc I try to play comes out on screen coloured red--- is there an easy fix please ?
  13. Grumpyrocker

    Question WOWHD Alternative (Not bashing WOW)

    Hi Folks. I'm pretty disappointed with the release schedule and available movies on UHD here in the UK. I see plenty of folks here use WOWHD but I don't seem to be able to. I registered on the site - but never received my registration email. I tried to contact customer support but never...
  14. B

    Question WOW its now a minefield choosing 4k/hdr 600

    hi guys having spent years with a lg 1080p set ive finally decided to go 4k as i have a xbox one s and will be buying the x i have spent ages looking at sets and then something puts me off because either its bad picture ,hdr is not great due to no local dimming etc etc Can anyone suggest a...
  15. bluejmc2005

    6 LED TV's - bought a used 9 year old Kuro - WOW

    Hi all, I have had 6 LED TV's over the last few months. Sony, Hisense, Samsung, Philips and LG. Had issues with all of them - ghosting, DSE, motion blur, software issues. Sent my 58" hisense back after lots of varying issues, and decided I was going to buy a stop gap TV for a year or so and...
  16. S

    Panasonic TX-59DX902B & SKY Q UHD 4K - No WOW factor

    Hi, I have recently bought a TX-58DX902B and just had SKY Q installed. I was watching the football yesterday in UHD and whilst it does look better than in HD it was not the WOW that I was hoping (expecting) for. I played around with the settings for the TV but there are so many that I...
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