1. S

    Nephew xmas build

    Hi, Ive been asked to look into and build my nephew a gaming pc for xmas. Been totally honest, I've only ever built two computers (about 8 years ago) and had a fair bit of help in regards to picking components and again need some component matching help. Budget is around the £600 mark and...
  2. A

    MAKE MY XMAS! TV audio not working

    A/V noob here. Recently set up a Denon AVR-S740H to surround speakers. Cable box sounds great, but cannot get to connect to TV/netflix/etc. Have tried all the youtube/google searching but cant figure it out. I feel like i am one button/switch away but am not having the luck. - HDMI plugged...
  3. Davekale86

    Xmas Haul

    Dunno if there's a thread for this let's see your haul AVFers hope you all had a great day
  4. KishB

    Merry xmas to all

    @Phil Hinton @Steve Withers @Casimir Harlow @Ed Selley @Andy Bassett Hey all just wanted to say a big thankyou for the podcasts. I cant till monday morning to download what you guys have been discussing and general banter you guys have. I prob enjoy the banter more than the reviews. Wanted to...
  5. Helenuk

    Anyone else waiting for the Xmas Sales

    I'm looking at the cheaper end 50/55" for the bedroom or swop a 55 for my 50 in the living room Hoping it's not just the very cheap/high end that gets discounted What do you have your eye on?
  6. C

    Just some Xmas fun!

    It's that time year for Xmas joy and fun! So I thought I would start a thread that looked back at what AV used to be like... :) Do you remember? Scart leads costing £100! Laser Disc Players! High End AV Receivers from Sony, Denon, Pioneer, Yamaha, and Marantz running into the thousands, and...
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