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  1. L

    Yamaha A-S1100/2100 vs Marantz PM-KI Ruby

    Hello all, I’m after a bit of advice regarding upgrading my integrated amp. Current set up is: Yamaha RX-A3080 Cambridge Audio Topaz SR20 Monitor Audio RX2 - Fronts Monitor Audio C350 - Centre Monitor Audio RXFX - Rears BK P12-300SB-PR The SR20 powers the F/L/R RX2’s for films and runs...
  2. J

    For Sale Yamaha RX-V583: 4K, 7.2 Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, HDCP 2.2 £200

    Hi Everyone, I have upgraded my receiver and looking to sell my Yamaha RX-V583. Only reason for the sale is that I upgraded to 9.2 Condition: Works well, no warranty anymore Used in a dedicated room, pets free home
  3. O

    For Sale Yamaha RX-V677 Amp - 7.2ch AV Home Cinema Receiver

    Hi, For sale, used Yamaha RX-V677 amp, around 5 years old, no issues with this unit whatsoever. Has worked perfectly fine all that time. Has latest firmware installed. Comes with the Remote, YPAO mike, Wifi aerial and FM aerial. Some very slight scratches on the inputs due to usage as to...
  4. C

    Question Yamaha MusicCast App & SiriusXM

    Been streaming SiriusXM with the MusicCast app for months on my Yamaha TSR-7850 without issue until about 3 weeks ago when it stopped working. Is there a way to rerun the setup solely for SiriusXM in the MusicCast app without deleting the app entirely and starting from scratch? Other programs...
  5. C

    Newest HDMI 2.1 Denon, Marantz, Yamaha Receivers not able to display 4k/120hz HDR 8k/60 HDR due to Bug on Panasonic Chipset

    Spotted a discussion on Reddit about the problems with the Panasonic Chipset, which is something of concerned as I have just purchased a Denon 3700. Any thoughts from our experts?
  6. maxbrooker

    For Sale Yamaha RX-A3070 Black and Boxed - Immaculate

    Hi Guys, I'm selling my Yamaha RX-A3070 AVR. I have upgraded to a separate Pre/Pro and Amps. No faults, scratches, dents or marks. Comes with original box and all packaging. It has served me very well over the last couple of years and as it was only ever used in a dedicated cinema room 2-3 times...
  7. Atomcom

    Question Yamaha rx-a3080 and MQA

    I have just purchase a Yamaha receiver and have Tidal set up on the mediacast. Question is is the Yamaha able to decode MQA files ?
  8. G

    Wanted Wanted - Yamaha RXA3050 / 3060 / 3070 / 3080 receiver

    Hi, looking for a top end Yamaha receiver in black. Might consider silver but price would need to be very very good. Please note I may not be able to complete until some finances from a house sale are sorted, but could do a deposit now if the right unit is available at the right price.
  9. H

    Question Question about 7.2 vs. 7.3 AV receivers

    I have had a Yamaha RX-V775 receiver for several years now. It is marketed as a "7.2 channel" receiver. However, if you look at the back it has 3 Subwoofer ports; 1, 2, and Center. I've wondered about this for a while, I have 3 subs hooked-up to it and I'm really happy with the look/sound of...
  10. O

    Yamaha M-80 and three-pronged plug

    I recently bought a Yamaha M-80. It sounds great but has the expected ancient 35 year old two pronged power plug. I've thought about having a IEC power socket added to take advantage of third party shielded cords. But when I try to ground the separate ground contact I get a hum. So up to now...
  11. C

    Wanted Yamaha 2070, 3070, 2080 or 3080

    Looking for any of these receivers. Please let me know if you have anything suitable.
  12. stanzani

    Yamaha NS-303: entering new Tidal credentials

    As per subject: I canged my tidal password and cannot find a way to exit from the old subrisction and subscribe again with different login and username I fell so dummy (or maybe the musicst app si :) )... please help
  13. L

    No sound PURE DIRECT YAMAHA RX-750

    hello, I have a Yamaha RX-750 Stereo, my equipment sounds good unless I activate PURÉ DIRECT, if I deactivate the button nothing sounds, therefore I have no balance, I have no bass, I do not have highs, which may be, help me
  14. fallinlight

    Wanted Yamaha A3070 AVR Receiver and Anti-Mode Cinema

    Dear forum, I am seeking the above AVR in black, and an Anti-Mode Cinema, please. Kind thanks, fallinlight
  15. NewGuy781

    Undecided between 2 AVRs

    Hello all! I am trying to decide between 2 receivers to use for music and for home theater and I would very much appreciate your insight. (I am not sure if this qualifies as bargain since I'm just looking for opinions; please advise and I'll add the prefix.) So, I currently have a Yamaha...
  16. S

    Question Crackle with Denon X3600H and Yamaha A5200 amp

    Hullo I’m running a Yamaha A5200 amp with a Denon X3600H and I’m getting a crackle now and again when watching at slightly higher volumes. Day to day when the kids are watching TB it doesn’t seem to happen, but when I put it up a bit to watch a film then it seems when the sounds good from quiet...
  17. D

    Question Yamaha M-60 Power Amp replacement recommendations

    Hi Guys, My Yamaha M-60 Power Amp has sadly gone pop - was wondering what people would recommend to replace it? It's powering two Yamaha NS-1000 Monitor speakers so looking for something with enough oomph to drive them. Not got a crazy budget but open to suggestions in most ranges. Thanks in...
  18. Atomcom

    Best speaker connections for a Yamaha rx-a

    I am going to be picking up a new Yamaha RX-A3080 over the weekend. I will be taking the opportunity to change my speaker connectors as well, Currently have a mixed load of banana plugs, most of which are over 10 years old and the springs are loose. Should I just get a load of new banana...
  19. edders5

    Speaker upgrade for Yamaha HTR2067

    Hi. I have a Yamaha HTR2067 home cinema system and wish to upgrade all the speakers from the standard setup. I also play a lot of music through the receiver from my Plex setup via wifi. The room size is 20ft x 10ft with a ceiling height of 8ft. I have a budget of around £1000 to £1200 and will...
  20. M

    Sub for yamaha ysp 2700 dead

    Hi guy's...wondering if anyone can help.unfortunately the sub for my yamaha ysp 2700 has died and don't known where to start for a replacement....ideally I'd like the sub that goes with the ysp2700 but I think it's going to be difficult finding one..so are there any alternatives out there...
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