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    Question HTR 2064 YAMAHA

    HI, I need help in troubleshooting of centre and Woofer output from Receiver. Speakers and Settings are all ok. I need circuit level troubleshooting guide.
  2. T

    Question Yamaha RX-V685

    Hi, Iam having RX-V685. while am using it on Airplay mode and playing songs from mobile music App like wynk or Spotify am facing sound drop for 1 or 2 seconds .. Please can anyone suggest why am facing this hiccups in sound. Iam facing this sound drop issues while am watching movies from...
  3. N

    Yamaha RX-V479 - Rear Left has no output

    Hi I have had my AV receiver about 4 years now and over the last few months the rear left speaker has no output. I have tried a new speaker, no joy. I have tried this speaker with the rear right output and it works fine. I have come to the conclusion it's the actual receiver channel. Is...
  4. SuperAdri

    Question connection between my Yamaha HTR6072 and my windows laptop

    Hi! I have just received my Yamaha receiver HTR 6072 coupled with a 5.1 speaker pack from klipsch. I have done a lot of reading but I still can not figure out how to connect my 5.1 speakers to windows 10 via WIFI. Both my computer and my Yamaha receiver are connected to the same home network...
  5. A

    Yamaha RX-V467 BANANA PLUGS - is it possible?

    Hi, so I bought some banana plugs (6mm) for my speakers and amp. They fit into my speakers fine but at the back of the amp the hole seems too small. I've always intended to use banana plugs but only just got round to it after a very long time of owning this amp! In the manual I found online...
  6. D

    Yamaha RX-A1050 HDMI output has no signal

    My Yamaha RX-A1050 amp is indicating on the front that all the 7 HDMI input are receiving signals but the connected TV is showing "No Signal" from both HDMI output ports. This just happened overnight and we have had some lightning the previous night. What could be causing this and how can I...
  7. pawlu

    Dolby Atmos on Yamaha RX-V1085

    Hi guys, hope everyone is keeping safe and sane in these crazy times. Being stuck at home we get to have some more time to mess around with audio toys. Anyway, I have a new Yamaha RX-V1085, paired up with an Nvidia Shield TV Pro (2019). I also have premium netflix membership and should...
  8. jason1wood

    Question Downgrade my yamaha Z7 to an Atmos Receiver

    Hi all. Been really happy with my 7.1 MK surrounds in the living room area through my Z7 and front 3 powered with a Rotel amp. Just this is niggling me a bit, Atmos. Cant really upgrade much at the moment so would only be able to get a low quality Atmos Receiver if I went down that route. I...
  9. T

    Need help connecting wireless karaoke mic to Yamaha TSR-7850.

    I just bought a Bietrum wireless microphone and I am having trouble getting it to work with my Yamaha Tsr-7850 receiver. I'm trying to setup a karaoke system for my kids through this reciever. I connected the microphone receiver into the tsr-7850 YPAO MIC hole and I got nothing. Am I missing...
  10. S

    comparing receivers

    Hello !! I have both: RXV-567 and HTR-6250 Yamaha AV receivers Any idea the year of introduction and the difference between them ? Thanks, SteveO
  11. N

    Yamaha MusicCast WXAD-10

    Hi, I've had one of these units for a few months connected to the line in on my Cambridge Audio receiver in my stereo system and streaming from my Mac/external drive. I keep all my music files on an external drive and they are mostly FLAC files ripped from my CD collection. I've been using...
  12. KM1967

    Yamaha R-N303D, Tidal and MQA

    Hi I was delivered a new streamer, Yamaha R-N3030D, recently and have signed up free trial for Tidal. I'm curious if the high quality content, e.g. MQA, they offer really are significantly and noticeably better than those offered by say Amazon Music, Apple Music, etc. The Yamaha unit has Tidal...
  13. S

    Question Yamaha RX-A780. How to stream audio to PC

    Hi, I just got this receiver and it does most of what I want and more. However, I want to digitize my vinyls and would like to have a wireless connection to my PC. I tried Bluetooth and can't get it working. Sending music to the Yamaha works fine, but not the other way. There is a send...
  14. A

    Yamaha HTR 2071 is not turning on

    Yesterday we were watching TV, when suddenly my yamaha HTR 2071 turned off, earlier it has also turned off for 1-2 times, after powering on it showed CHECK SP WIRES. But this time it is not turning on at all. I think it has activated protection circuitry somehow. Is there any way to turn it on...
  15. S

    yamaha rx a2070 vs denon x4500

    good evening in your opinion which of the yamaha a2070 or denon x4500 is superior in detail, spatiality, dialogue? what are the real differences between these 2 machines? Thanks

    For Sale Yamaha CX-A5200 Processor and a Crown XLS Drive Core 2 Channel Power Amplifier

    I have a Mint Condition Yamaha CX-A5200 Processor One Year Old bought New from Sevenoaks Sound and Vision. It comes with all the accessories it was originally delivered with, and i still have the box too. Only selling as it is a overkill in my system at the moment !! £1900
  17. C

    Question Yamaha wxAd10

    I have purchased this neat unit at Xmas had initial problem of nothing connecting to WiFi took it to Hifi dealer who suggested a WiFi extender and use lan lead to improve connectivity Did this but I still get drop out on regular basis I was thinking is it passing people in street with phones...
  18. P

    ARC issue with Yamaha receiver and Samsung TV

    Hello, I have Yamaha RX-A3080 and Samsung 8K QLED TV QE65Q950RBTXXH. I'm connecting HDMI cable (arc compatible) from oneconnect (HDMI3) to Yamaha receiver OUT1(arc) it seems the tv is switching to HDMI receiver but i don't get any sound. I have configured correctly both the TV and the receiver...
  19. H

    For Sale Yamaha RX-A1040 AVENTAGE 7.2-channel Wi-Fi Built-In AV Receiver

    Great sound quality. With Remote control and setup mic. Info: AVENTAGE 7.2-channel Wi-Fi Built-In AV Receiver with high-grade audio design including ESS DAC and Symmetrical Power Amp Design with Rigid Chassis. Also offers HDMI Zone Switching, 4K 50/60p support, 4K Ultra HD upscaling, and AV...
  20. H

    For Sale Yamaha RX-A1040 AVENTAGE 7.2, Wi-Fi Built-In AV Receiver

    Good clean condition. Great sound quality. With Remote control and setup mic. Collection only as I don't have the original box (CH64). Duncan Spec: AVENTAGE 7.2-channel Wi-Fi Built-In AV Receiver with high-grade audio design including ESS DAC and Symmetrical Power Amp Design with Rigid...
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