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  1. J

    Yamaha 2020/21 Receivers

    I've had a look on Google and seen on avs forums some photos of a new line of Yamaha receivers but haven't seen much info on them on here. Does anyone know when/if Yamaha are likely to announce these?
  2. Cliff

    Decisions.. Yamaha or Denon?

    I had been looking at the Yamaha 3080 which is being sold off at below £1.5k. Now I see the new Denon X4700 which is around or less than the sale price of the Yamaha. So I am thinking, maybe I should go for the Denon? Any thoughts ?
  3. jamespaulley

    Question Yamaha MusicCast 20 stereo pair: Alarm only activates on one speaker

    Hi, I have two Yamaha MusicCast 20s set up as a stereo pair. The alarm clock feature is only activating audio on one speaker, the "master" speaker (left). The child (right) either just does nothing or turns off if it is powered on. Does anyone have any ideas? Many thanks.
  4. Waynester

    Question Much difference in sound quality between these 2 Yamaha Soundbars?

    I’ve got a Yamaha YAS-93 Soundbar in my bedroom... it’s not bad actually, but I’ve seen a mint condition 2nd hand Yamaha YSP-1400 for sale and wondered if it would be a massive improvement “sonically”? Got a nice system in my living room so a minor potential upgrade for the bedroom 🤣
  5. V

    Question Yamaha Music Cast Tidal Login Problem

    Yamaha Musiccast and Tidal Hi guys, i was using Tidal in Yamaha Music Cast with yamaha wxad-10, today musiccast app disconnected and asked me to login, i tried many times and never achieved to login again. I tried to reset the modem, uninstall and install both apps, logout-login on tidal...
  6. zain88

    Wanted yamaha aventage 3050 or similar

    Hello there i am looking for yamaha aventage 3050 or similar spec can be picked up around100 miles from london or delivery is also an option if you have suitable box Thank You :)
  7. L

    Denon AVR X4500 or Yamaha RXA 1080

    Both these receivers are around the same price which one is better for films and music? Are there any others to consider? Thanks
  8. K

    For Sale Yamaha rx-v767 av receiver

    Hi up fo sale is my yamaha rx v 767 comes with set up mic and remote, this one has 8 point calibration via the mic and has 2 hdmi out, its not 4k only 1080p. It's in good condition but I don't have the box so collection only. Pics will be updated tommorow thanks.
  9. K

    Optimum settings for Yamaha A-S201 ?

    Hi, Experienced vinyl collector but completely inexperienced when it comes to gear.. are there optimum settings for the Yamaha A-S201 or is it best to use pure direct always?? On a different tangent I have my new turntable being delivered tomorrow (Project), I tried out my sons JAM Bluetooth...
  10. M

    For Sale Yamaha rxv765 av amp

    Yamaha rxv765 av amp not used much boxed with all accessories £140 I would prefer it to be collected as postage will be expensive
  11. CheekoLatino

    Connecting Multiple Yamaha HS8 Speakers

    Hi 👋 I've just added another 2 HS8 speakers to my studio so 4 in total and was wondering if there was a way of connecting them all together whilst only using the master output on the mixer without using the Booth output. I can only see 2 types of inputs (XRL and Jack) on the back of the...
  12. mpompeo27

    Yamaha RX-A660 USB Access Error

    Hello everyone. I have a USB 3.0 external hard drive that I have previously connected to my Yamaha RX-A660 receiver to play audio files stored on the hard drive. I have done this on numerous occasions without issue until today. Now when I connect the hard drive to the receiver's USB port, the...
  13. SuperMario87

    Question Rotel A10 replacement

    Hello! My setup is: Sources: Creative Soundblaster AE-5(Direct mode) and Technics SL-Q3(Nagaoka MP-110) Amplifier: Rotel A10 (2*40W*8Ohm) Speakers: Bowers & Wilkins 607 (Sensitivity is 84dB) Room size: 2,42m*3,86m And I' ve got a problem. As long as B&W stood along the long wall and switched...
  14. titanax

    How to do crossover from Yamaha RX-A1060

    Hi all, I can't find the LFE or LFE+Main in my setup. I have a feeling this has been removed in the Aventage series. If so what is the system setting for the LFE & crossover frequency for bass management?
  15. Ightenhill

    Yamaha Musiccast Shuffle error

    One issue I have come across frequently with this app is that after a few times using the play next function - it suddenly throws up a "cant do that whilst shuffle is turned on" -- but shuffle is not on.. Is there another app you can use to run the WXC 50 because this app has to be one of the...
  16. D

    Yamaha RX A740

    My direct tv remote is controlling our receiver above, but, when you touch any button on tv remote, receiver turns on or off... how do I stop this.?
  17. Drew C

    For Sale KEF Q 35,15, 95c SPEAKERS + YAMAHA SUB + STANDS

    Hi there, I have for sale my Kef Q 5.1 set up for sale- Kef Q35 x 2 - £80 Kef Q15 x 2 - £60 Kef Q95c - £40 All the above are in excellent condition and I even have some of the original paperwork. I used the 15's on some Apollo stands as seen in the pics, despite the odd chip on the base...
  18. gargoyle67

    For Sale Yamaha DSP-AX630SE For sale with slight fault.

    Yamaha amp for sale has slight fault>volume knob skips a bit due to a dirty Potentiometer works fine on remote. Has a few scratches/scuff on top of the unit and a ding of the top right corner as pictured, Other than that great little value starter amp. Not got the original box but will be well...
  19. S

    Yamaha RX-V675 bluetooth?

    Would this allow me to add bluetooth capability to the yamaha 675, or does anyone know of a better alternative, maybe even cheaper. Thanks
  20. lastcoyote

    Yamaha WXAD-10 - removing/forgetting Bluetooth devices

    I’ve recently got my WXAD-10 streaming adapter and everything is great. Just one thing though I connected a UE Boom portable speaker to it just to test out the Bluetooth function and now whenever I turn on the speaker to use it with say my iPad or iPhone, the WXAD-10 keeps trying to connect to...
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