1. Tonez9510

    Yamaha RX-v685 Crackling issues after YPAO Setup

    Hi AVForums, So here's my issue, I have tried in vain to find even a single thread with my problem. So hopefully someone out there can help me solve it. I have a Yamaha RX-v685, Q Acoustics 3020i fronts, 3010i rears, 3090Ci centre, a BK Electronics xls200 Sub and a LGTV OLED55C7V plugged into...
  2. Northernsound

    Will calibration with YPAO with a 3.1 setup lead to "incorrect" sound when the center is turned off and only the 2.1-setup is playing?

    Time for an ignorant and stupid question from a noob: I have a Yamaha RX-V483 with a 3.1-setup. I do YPAO with the microphone so it calibrates my 3.1-setup, will it then somehow be incorrect when I'm listening to music with the center turned off so it's just 2.1 playing, because the YPAO was...
  3. F

    Question Help Please. Running Yamaha YPAO and Rel t5i.

    So I have an 880 amp which drives Kef R3, R2c, Q100 surrounds, T101 ceiling speakers and a Rel T5i subwoofer. I am only using LFE on the Rel and set it to approx 3/4 max volume before running YPAO. The results back show all the speakers at between +2/+3.5 db except for the Rel which is -10 db. I...
  4. cjlhessing

    Question Yamaha YPAO R.S.C help

    Any help appreciated here :) So I'm going to try re-running YPAO this week because I have finally managed to get things set right with my rear speakers (placing onto stands behind sofa, coming down from ceiling level) and have learnt over the past day or so a lot about what some of the terms...
  5. R

    Question Ask for kind soul willing to loan a YPAO Mic

    Cheek I know but I've neglected my budget AV set up for years until finally having some time and a little cash to get the Panasonic GZ950. This means I want to get everything re-setup. That includes my Yamaha 467 (yes quite old) and my 5.1 Wharfedale + Gemini 2 set up. Thing is I've lost my YPAO...
  6. lowrider007

    YPAO setup help

    Hi there, just setting up my RX-V685, Using a tripod at my ear level listening position in my very small lounge I ran the YPAO setup, it set my front L&R to +5.5db, C to +5db, and L&R rear to +5.5db and 6.5db, my Sub at -10db. I left it for a couple of days then I read online that the Sub set...
  7. mjbtin

    Question RX-A3070 YPAO or Anti-mode

    Anyone using an anti-mode with an rx-a3070? Did it improve bass?or did YPAO do as good a job? Happy with the bass using ypao but have that feeling may be missing something:) May see if I can get a used 8033 and give it a try. Martin
  8. A

    Question Yamaha YPAO - no audio after calibration - RX-A3020

    Installed new Elac B6.2’s to replace Paradigm Studio 100’s. Ran the YPAO procedure with success. After the process ended and removing the calibration microphone, there was no audio on any source. Re-ran YPAO - speakers work fine and setup was fine. No audio again. I know the YPAO grabs the...
  9. C

    Yamaha RX-A830 Aventage - Replacement YPAO?

    Hi all, I have a quick question regarding the YPAO(RSC) mic for this av receiver. B I recently bought secondhand without the mic, I have scoured google but cannot seem to find a YPAO mic that lists as being appropriate for this receiver. Can anyone let me know the oem part number for this...
  10. W

    Running YPAO with monitor audio sub

    Hi When running the Yamaha auto setup routine, what should I have my monitor audio gold W15 sub set to? Volume goes from -50 to +10 I have set everything else as per the sub user guide. Cheers Wardyworld
  11. W

    Yamaha YPAO microphone broken?

    Hi Trying to setup my Aventage rxa-3060. It has the triangular setup microphone. When I try and setup using the microphone I get "E-8: No Signal. Signal from microphone is quiet". I tried the microphone from my monitor audio sub, just to see if it would pick up a signal and it did. I've read...
  12. Khazul

    Question YPAO and other similar correction systems

    So I have just bought a new receiver. This is actually the first receiver that has such a technology in it (Its a Yamaha RX-V781 with the YPAO RCS variant). I have many times come across sound correction system as a mix engineer, from offerings that supposedly correct your studio sound to...
  13. Florin Andrei

    Question YPAO procedure - best microphone position?

    Yamaha RX-V381, typical 5.1 setup. The YPAO microphone is shaped like this: When doing the YPAO procedure for room correction and speaker tuning, what is the best orientation for the microphone? Usually I point the narrow end straight up, and the flat base is facing down, as if it's sitting...
  14. Stuartj1

    YPAO results on RXA860

    Morning All Just purchased the above receiver and ran the auto setup with my speakers (monitor audio radius). The auto setup selected my front as large. I was expecting it to set them as small as there is a sub in the setup? Is the normal or is it dependant on the environment? Ps setup is 5.1
  15. Davoid

    Question YPAO and speaker settings

    Hello, I went and used my Yamaha RX-A1030 YPAO to set up my temporary layout till renovations are done (could be a while). After the YPAO ran it's task all my speakers were set at "large" and the subwoofer was set at 40 Hz (80 Hz is default). My speakers are all Polk Audio - RTi A7 floor...
  16. F

    Dirac vs. YPAO

    I was about to bite the bullet and order a Yamaha CX-A5100 & A5000 combo, but then browsing I noticed the Arcam offering of AVR-5500 & P429 with Dirac. To me getting the sound balance right in the room is key, I don't really use the other fancy features like streaming etc (though UHD & ATMOS...
  17. D

    Question DTS:X + Atmos, best for the buck?

    I'm in china and everything has different prices so it's difficult for me to decide, so I hope you can help me to find the right DTS:X+Atmos avr giving that theyr price don't differ much: Yamaha RX581 = 525$ Denon AVR X1300W = 525$ - onkyo TX-SR444 = 557$ Yamaha RX681 = 625$ onkyo tx-nr656 =...
  18. R

    DSPeaker Anti Mode with YPAO 3D?

    Hi all, I'm thinking of buying a BK XXLS400 subwoofer soon, to upgrade my trusty Paradigm PDR10, with a Yamaha RX-A3050 AVR & 5.1.2 setup. The sub is probably not in the best place, in the side rear area next to the surround speaker (not quite a corner, but near a small alcove which this ported...
  19. D

    Problem with Yamaha YPAO setup with Subwoofer

    Hi, I have a Yamaha RX-A2050 with monitor bronze W10 subwoofer used in a 5.1 setup. The system was originally set up by a sound engineer and all working fine form a subwoofer point of view. Recently I had to unplug all the wires from the receiver and plug them back in again (amp and all...
  20. D

    Problem with Yamaha YPAO setup with Subwoofer

    Hi, I have a Yamaha RX-A2050 with monitor bronze W10 subwoofer used in a 5.1 setup. The system was originally set up by a sound engineer and all working fine form a subwoofer point of view. Recently I had to unplug all the wires from the receiver and plug them back in again (amp and all...
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