16:35pm and only 11 thousand people playing Ghosts around the world


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I can now top what I have said above big style.

Its now 5.30pm. Its a Saturday. Its Double XP and one week before Advanced Warfare comes out.

I finally downloaded the Nemesis map pack and went to play a game on Objective Nemesis mode. I couldn't get a game.

I looked and there are only 4 people in the world playing it.

There are 802 on Deathmatch mode and 205 on Hardcore Nemesis mode.

No wonder CDkeys keeps offering the season pass for such low amounts of money.

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Not moving away from this topic but I honestly wish they went back to the way they created maps and none of this futuristic rubbish!

I loved MW2 and some of the WAW maps, can they not listen to what we want

Or at least create a survey to everyone and make 'The Best Of' COD game with the highest votes getting their fav maps recreated for 2014


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The Modern Warfare -Remastered Collection would do me fine Activision..... Easy money. Watch this space....

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