Question 2 Old Smarts.


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Hello, l have 2 Philips smart tvs, a 48PTF5509/12, under 5yrs old and a 42PFL4307T/12,
a bit older and no longer smart. Both have excellent HD pictures. Both also have lost all
EPG information, maybe due to freeview updates?. The Now & Next list is OK.
How can i get the EPGs back?
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Try unplugging from the power socket and leave it out for 15-20 Mins, plug back in and give the guide time to populate.


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Thanks for your interest. I will try JCs suggestion first. I read on here somewhere that a TV re set might do it..Good question M. Let you know later

42in. sorted. JCs suggestion worked, followed by fav. Iist and re order, as guided by Help section. 48in required full TV reinstall. Freeview guide has
all channels in initial order, unfortunately the Help sections instructions do not correlate to Freeview guide screen, so cannot compile or re order favourites.

So both up and running with Freeview guides. Result !. Thank you.
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