2 TVs in Lobby Issue


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Hey Guys and Gals,
I need some assistance... I work in IT and have 2 Vizio tvs setup in our lobby. Right now, the front desk ladies are having to go around there desk, through a secured area to control the TVs because One remote is controlling them both. I've searched and not really found an easy solution for this fix. I hate to just replace one of the TVs because it looks better when they look the same side by side. The only thing they are doing is using a jump drive for pictures and the other is streaming lobby music. I would like independent control of the TVs. Thanks for the help.


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I'm not familiar with the brand, I think they only sell in North America, so are these just standard consumer TVs?

The only thing I can think of is that they might have a mobile app which you might be able to use if network security considerations permit it. Perhaps with an Android emulator installed on the front desk machines.

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Vizio - which model do you have?

Video Distribution - how do you send the images to the TV's?

TV vs. Display - one of the big hassles with using 'TV's is control, far better to spend a little more on a Public Display 'Display' with suitable features (wider viewing angles, brighter, timers, warranty etc).


PS Some Pubs/Bars we have worked with have had 20 or 30 TV's and some poor member of staff spending an hour trying to get them on/off in/out of standby each day using a remote :)
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