4K Ultra HD Release Schedule.


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Not a lot to report regarding US 4K releases at the moment, here is a little schedule :

16-06-2020 Columbia Classics Collection 1
07-07-2020 Trolls World Tour
21-07-2020 Spartacus : 60th Anniversary Edition
25-08-2020 The New York Ripper
25-08-2020 The House By The Cemetery
01-09-2020 Sherlock Holmes
01-09-2020 Sherlock Holmes : A Game Of Shadows
01-09-2020 The Goonies (NOT OFFICIAL YET)
22-09-2020 Full Metal Jacket (NOT OFFICIAL YET)

Scoob, which is now available in the US on demand, is rumored to be coming to 4K in August on the 18th.
Will update again when more information and new titles are coming up.

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