50PUS8204 Freeview Play Motion and picture settings


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Since the Freeview Play update on my PUS8204 I've noticed a couple of issues.

Motion settings don't work when watching Freeview channels. The setting appears to be off no matter what style or natural motion setting is selected. Anybody else having issues with this?

I also can't seem to change picture settings when using the catch-up apps. The quick settings button causes the apps to quit, so there isn't a way to calibrate the picture when using the apps. Am I missing a way to access these settings while in the apps?


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I'm also suffering from both those problems.

I believe the motion settings not working is a software bug which will hopefully be fixed.

Not being able to change the settings is very annoying, happens to me in iPlayer and I can't find a way to fix it.


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At least it's not just me.

Is there a way we can report these issues to Philips?
Yes you can go to the support page for the TV on the Philips website and report issues. I've already reported the motion settings and the flickering screen and provided logs. No harm in you doing the same if you are having problems, hopefully the more info they have they can fix things quicker.
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