65 inch U8QF


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This tv is a strange beast, on some sky content its stutters, ghosts, motion is a disgrace, yet on certain sources, like tonight netflix, I watched Charlie and chocolate factory 2005, smooth as silk, upscaling out of this world, no stutter, no shuddering? yet on sky channels it can judder, go mental and it cant handle basic tv? my Sony took it in its stride? I just dont get why it struggles on the easiest of things like sd and some sky channels? I watched 5hd earlier, and the skipping , and motion was shocking
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Main problem Hisense - algorithms.
TV1000 on air showing good, but in rec - with ghosts.

So, Sony in my region cost in 1.5-2.5.
65 Sony HX90 = 2 Hisense 65 )))))
"But it's two times".
Only, write on support and waiting for fixing

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