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Hello Chaps

I've recently re-entered the world of vinyl with a pretty basic turntable, the Audio Technica AT-LP60X, and started buying the LPs of my (long distant) youth: Santana 3 and Abraxas, Deep Purple Made in Japan, Night Train (Oscar Peterson) and Miles Davis's Bitches Brew.

My next purchase has to be upgrading the Logitech speakers I'm currently using. My question is: would an amp (say the Cambridge Topaz) with passive Mordaunt speakers be best, or would active speakers, say Edifier R1280T, do just as well?

My budget is £150 max.

I'd really appreciate any advice.


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Hi Mike,

can you give us an idea of your budget. It helps a lot, thanks.


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I'd be interested to see what people's thoughts are too. I know that actives are more convenient, with less stuff to buy and manage, while separates give you opportunities to upgrade.

What I want to know, is there any real sound quality difference between a good active and good separates? I've read that speaker companies will fine tune the amp inside their actives to match their drivers etc. My assumption is that actives are almost always going to be superior to passive, UNLESS you enjoy tinkering with gear and trying new stuff (which isn't possible for us mere mortals on normal wages).


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Wow. Thanks guys, I've been overwhelmed by your response.

Fair enough sir.

It’s quite difficult to recommend something on such a budget.

I’d instantly try used. Normally I’d suggest active speakers, but you’d need a preamp too and at that budget there aren’t any.

So, instead I’d try this pair,

Or this pair.

Either will kill the Logitechs.
Wow. Thanks guys, I've been overwhelmed by your response.
You wont get anything decent for £150, the best idea would be to save some more...

For around £200-£250 you could get a used pair of KEF X300A actives, that would be a good upgrade over the Logitechs.

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