Ad Astra 4K Blu-ray Review & Comments

Jim Di Griz

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I pretty much agree with Cas on this one. More or less. Review on the other thread tomorrow (time permitting!).


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Finally got to see the 4K Disk
Great Visuals & Sound
Brad Pitt does an exemplary job portraying a guy searching for & in the end finding himself
Science mostly absolute pants, but worth switching off the Believability Meter for the Story itself


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Great visuals and production quality, but I didn't like the ending at all - it was slow and pondering enough but then it got worse once he reached Neptune the film went totally down-hill. Everything with Tommy Lee Jones was terrible. And also agree with all the points people already mentioned about bad science in it - when he used his metal "shield" to fly through the ring system I was like WTF... how did they think that was in any way possible, without the first impact deflecting his trajectory off into space. 3/10 for story (9/10 for visuals)
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