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Apologies if this is a stupid question but I'm not very clued up.

I'm lending my laptop to someone and am creating an additional user account for them. They have their own Microsoft/Hotmail account which they'll be using to log in.

The laptop is running Windows 10 with the latest update.

When they log in to their account, will they be able to see all my files etc? Or will it be like a completely separate laptop for them?

Also, I'm getting the options to add them as a normal user or an administrator. What's the difference? They'll need to be able to install their own programmes i.e. Office, etc, so will I need to select administrator?

Thanks in advance :)


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If you make them an administrator they will be able to install their own programs but they will also be able to access your documents etc if they are stored on the laptop.

If you make the a standard user your files will not be readily accessible* if they are in the standard documents etc locations but they won't be able to install programs. Then again presumably you could help them do this unless they need to be doing it all the time.

Personally if there is anything on there you don't want this person to see I wouldn't give them the laptop without a wipe and reinstall first. Then again I'm like that!

*If your disk isn't encrypted then anyone who has the disk can take it out the laptop and access it with other tools irrespective of whether they are an administrator.


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Thanks for the reply, very helpful :)

There's nothing on there of importance or that I don't want them to see, just wanted to get an understanding of how it worked.


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You could also lock your folders, and files therein, with a password

I also assume your account is password protected and unless you give them the password they can't get in there without doing some in depth hacking.

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