Question Advice needed for 30 year old Linn Naim system


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first post here for years and hoping for some advice.
Just retired and looking to (at last!) spend some more time listening to music..
I have a Linn LP12 / Lingo mk1 / Cirrus / with a now worn out Klyde connected to a Naim 32.5 / 250 of 1988 vintage. I’ve had the 32.5 breathed on by Les of Avondale and replaced the HICAP with his own TPX1 about 10 years ago.
The 250 has never been serviced!
CD is via a breathed on Marantz
Initially speakers were Mk1 Kans which I got tired of eventually and after long time chose a set of spendor SP2/2’s, then a set of BC1’s which sound nice, bar some mid bass boom - but wife pressure made be get rid & ended up with a pair of Quad L11’s which are OK just but have a sting on the treble and a one note bass.

Big decisions to be made now as I need to sort out the amps & speakers.
I can get Les or others to service or upgrade the NAP250 but is it worth it? Could I sell the 32.5 / TPX1 & old 250 & with the cash get some better amplification?
Speaker wise I prefer the British sound so possibly Kef or Spendor .. but am open.
One avenue are the Kef LS50’s...
would a 32.5/250 amp + the sad LS50’s be better than the new wireless active LS50’s of which the amps presumably are custom voiced specially for each driver and I could make use of the DSP facility?
Or get a Spendor A4 or Kef R500 and get my 250 sorted out?
I’ll leave the CD player & LP12 for now - I don’t listen that much to LPs now despite having over 1000 in my garage..
Might sell it in a few years for a streamer when formats etc get sorted out.

Ideas and advice anyone?
I’ve been out of Hifi for much of the past 30 years spending the money on music instead
Thanks in advance guys!


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For what it's worth, IMHO and all the other caveats:)
Get Les or Darren at Class A, Sheffield to service the 250. Buy a s/h pair of SBLs. Job done!
I use an all Olive system, nac62, snaxo, 2 hicaps and 2 nap 180s To drive a pair of SBLs active. All bought s/h and serviced within the last couple of years. Can't imagine why it took me so long to discover audio nirvana...

If you aren't looking for more /different facilities from the amplification side of things, you would need to spend a LOT to improve on the 32.5 & 250 freshly serviced.

Nice problem to have, enjoy the journey.



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Thanks Jim for a great answer!
However, I can’t see the wife allowing anything as a pair of SBL’s - I wish!
Hence suggestions of LS50 etc..
IBLs possibly - but...


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'evenin' Frank,
Stand mount speakers on decent stands are likely to be at least as tall as SBLs and the footprint of the SBL is quite discrete - particularly as they work best hard against the wall.
However, if I had to 'down size' I would seriously look at the new one box offerings from Naim. At a dealer show last spring I heard the new Naim Atom driving Dynaudio Emit 20 stand mounts. I have commented here on these previously as the combo was outstanding. The Dynaudios would probably sound great on the end of the 250 just the same but I do think you should have it serviced if it's to be kept.

Ideally find a dealer who can demonstrate the LS50 and the Emit M20 with your amp

The only drawback to the Atom (in your system) would be that it doesn't have a phono stage and only one aux in so you couldn't connect a stand alone phono stage and CD player. More expensive offerings in the new range have more facilities including cd playback built in.



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Naim and PMC speakers are often quoted as going well together. However they are also an acquired taste so an audition is essential. Something like the twenty 21 may do or the small floor standers twenty 23.

Another one to look at is the Neat Iota Alpha, small package floor standers but get good reviews.


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I'd have a chat with Les. I seem to remember he was doing his own speakers at some point.
i'm reapeating here a bit of what has already been said but....
SBL's would be a good shout as mentioned as they go up to the wall they often blend in better than expected.
Otherwise I've had good results over the years with Totem, spendor (as mentioned) PMC, Kudos, Shahinian, and others. If you've not been on pinkfishmedia, check the forum out as they have a large contingent of Naim and Avondale users. Teddy Pardo kit is often recommended.

Definitely get a service on the amp. You may find that alone gives a bit a lift and if not will make selling it easier anyway.

Have a demo of some other kit but you may find the 'snap' exhibited by your current kit something difficult to lose!

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