Advice of setup please. Absolute newbie when it comes to setup.


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Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to figure out the best setup with cables.

Here is what I have:
2019 Samsung Q80R TV
Samsung sound bar Q80R
Xbox One S
Verizon Cable Box (soon to be axed since I will be moving over to streaming).
WIFI Router

How do I maximize the picture and sound?

Some Questions:
I'm not sure if I should run the cable from Xbox into the sound bar or into the TV (right now it going to the TV)?

For the sound bar should I use digital output cable or I've heard of the HDMI ARC cable or just a regular HDMI? Will one cable give me better sound and allow me to utilize all the feathers of the sound bar when watching movies?

I'm using HDMI wires that are about 5 years old. Should I upgrade to a better HDMI wire and what is recommended?

Thank you


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I'd go with Xbox into the soundbar, then hdmi from the TV into the arc port. As for cables as long as they are short (under 2m) and they say high speed on them then you should be OK.

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ARC - is limited to ‘lossy’ audio formats so as razy60 says your External Source (XB1S) is better routed via the Soundbar HDMI.

TV Audio - you can use ARC or Optical, ARC is likely more convenient in terms of switching using the Samsung remote.

HDMI cables - if you are not hearing or seeing any obvious issues stick with what you have.

‘Optimize’ Picture and Sound - there is a whole heap of learning involved on that front.

Audio - there is little you can do to optimise a Soundbar other than ensure it is placed correctly, your room layout, furnishings and your seating placement are aligned with the Soundbar and you follow the install guide for setting up the sound beams.

Video - without going full on calibration your best option is to ensure there is not to much ambient light falling on the screen and avoid dynamic mode or any of the other over processed modes.


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