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Please forgive me if this post is in the wrong thread or are.
I am having an issue with my Samsung TV. I bought it from an individual and it worked, but now has been acting up. I was sold a Samsung "Model Code" UN65JS850D with the One Connect Mini box and cord. At the sellers house everything worked great.

once arriving home the One Connect Mini box would restart/reboot the TV in a matter of seconds. I could plug the cord up in the back and it would begin this process. I purchased a new One Connect Mini and am able to connect the cord, but once the box is connected it will begin to reset.

My question is, is the motherboard fried (Netflix still works fine) and if so what are some other ways to jailbreak it. Via the browser, apps, etc....?


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You say that the TV is rebooting, but also that Netflix works fine; so it is hard to try and figure out what issue you are having.

What are you doing when the TV reboots/restarts?

Also, i'm not sure what the forum's rule are re: Jailbreaking. So you might not get much help with that.


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Yes, it will say,
"Updating TV Software..... Don't turn off the TV or disconnect the power cable util the update finishes. Your TV will turn itself off and on again automatically after completing update."

Yes, Netflix works fine when the plug is not connected.

I literally either plug the one connect cord up and it starts that process or when I plug the box up to the TV with the cord. I am just sitting by the TV letting it freak out.
I think the port, cord, or box is malfunctioning. I got a new box and cord from Amazon, but nothing has worked. I am fine with not getting information on the "jailbreak" I just want to make sure the motherboard is not fried, which is what Best Buy told me.
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