Amazon Prime's Upload Season 1 TV Show Review & Comments


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I enjoyed the heck out of the trailer!


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Really enjoyed it but I don't have high standards :)

Would definitely say more like 7/10 with some proper humour in there.


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I have not seen this yet but will still give it a go but based on the review and score it won't a priority at the moment.

Tom Davies

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Yeah, I wouldn't warn you off it. There's a few things that I will confidently say are 'good'.
It's just inconsistent as all heck but for 10 half hour episodes (give or take) there are worse ways to spend your time.


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As I’m a bit of a tech geek ... I liked it. I got hooked and did it in two sittings. I think your score is a tad lower for such what I consider an original program. I’d go 8/10.


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This was a great watch! A little bit of all genres but by not take itself too seriously it's a perfect mixup as far as I'm concerned. I agree with Paul above 8/10!

GT One

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Upload probably could have been made for CW without the explicit sexual humour and occasional gratuitous violence included for effect, perhaps with CW Upload may have found its niche.
Upload's script feels a bit over workshopped which is typical for most US studio made TV series, which tend to become formulaic and predictable.
Robbie Amell is developing his acting credentials but perhaps casting a leading actor more experienced playing satire / comedy roles could have made more of Upload's dark comedy appeal, I may also have then felt a bit more empathy for Nathan's dire plight in AI purgatory.
One highlight was Andy Allo's excellent role as Nora, the only issue was that Robbie Amell's bland acting style subdued the sexual magnetism between Nathan and Nora, but as this is a self obsessed future society we are looking at, not much different from what we see today, perhaps the actors are keeping true to the sci-fi genre..
I rate Upload 7 /10 mostly for the work put into the shows props and CGI production, after struggling through episode one Upload does keep you watching, especially if you like anything sci-fi.


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Is HDR10 poorly mastered on the Amazon new series’ “Upload”?

Looks so dull and just washed out. Much better in SDR.


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I started watching this last night, wasn't sure at first but really enjoying it now.

I couldn't find the 4k version yesterday but managed to locate it this morning. :thumbsup:

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