Amazon's Homecoming Season 2 TV Show Review & Comments


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Cheers for that.

I will more than likely dip into this, seeing as it is so short and I enjoyed the mystery of the 1st season.

I was worried though when Esmail stepped back, and it does seem my fears have been realised. No Roberts either is a disappointment, but I do like Janelle Monae.


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Posting just because it’s Amazon, it is available in UHD and HDR.


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Season 1 was some of the best tv in years so I have high hopes for this.... will update futher.


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Enjoyed the back to front storyline..
Chris Cooper is worth watching it alone.



I watched - and thoroughly enjoyed - the first season last week. Started this yesterday and after a couple of episodes I’m not really feeling it.

The directorial change is obvious and there’s none of the tension and artistry of the first.

Hopefully it’ll improve but so far the scoring seems about right to me. The first season was an easy 9.


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We've just binged season one and two, completing it tonight.

I think more seemed to happen in S2, and being only 7 episodes rather than 13 made a nice change.

S1 I was waiting and waiting for the massive shock, but it didn't really happen. It was quite pedestrian really, especially when compared to Sam Esmails brilliant Mr Robot. His direction in S1 was superb though, lots of Mr Robot nods such as the descending spiral staircase shot, split screens etc. Oh and the score was fantastic in places too. But overall, the story was just OK, nothing mind blowing. I'd give S1 a 7/10.

S2 wasn't quite as intriguing, but it was faster paced. I enjoyed it. I did suss out what was coming ahead of the reveals, so it wasn't nearly as clever as M.R was, but definitely worth a watch. I'd also score S2 as 7/10, both seasons are good, but in slightly different ways.


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Well I've watched the first two episodes and it's not pulled me in yet.

I like Janelle Monae and of course Chris Cooper, but there's something I can't quite put my finger on. Likely missing the touch of Sam E.

Anyhow I'll definitely see it out as it's only very short.


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Finally got this boxed off last night.

I think overall I enjoyed it more than Season 1. Feels like it's done now though and I don't think we need to see anymore. It's a thinking story, but not a particularly exciting one. And it's difficult to see where they could go now anyway.

Janelle Monae was great as always. As were Cooper and Joan Cusack, the latter albeit briefly. And at least we had the link to the first season with Cruz's character. Would have been good though to have seen more Cannavale, and perhaps Whigham again.

Definitely only being 7 episodes helped as well. But it did also miss Esmail's touch.

One I'd recommend if you had literally ran out of things to watch. There is much better available on Amazon. Including Mr. Robot of course.

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