Anthem MRX710 Upgrade


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Hi All,
A plea to a/v experts.
I've just aquired a Sony kd77a1, tv with existing Anthem MRX710,Proac speakers,Future Point 5 fronts,Studio 150 rears,Hexa centre,Rel Stadium and S2 subs.Oppo 103.Epson 7200 projector.
With the new TV I am interested in going 7.2.2, ie adding 2 Proac Hexa satellite side speakers,and 2 matching as near as possible height speakers,not ceiling mounted.
The Anthem is a fabulous amp,but needing the extra speakers,also 4k tv,maybe time to upgrade.
All Proac speakers have ratings,Future.5 ,87db Studio 150, 88.5db,Hexa,86db.
Thinking of Denon 6500 ish ,but hoping you knowledgeable experts may be able to guide me for amp and height speakers.
Thanks in advance,


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Usually I would say an Anthem amp might be chosen because it's pretty good with music as well as movies. What will you be using the amp for and what's your budget (circa 1600 I believe for the Denon)


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You could possibly just afford one of the outgoing Arcam models, eg:



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Budget around 2k,have separate 2 channel system,but music very important for eg Sky Arts,and movie soundtracks.
Proposed 7.2.2. 4k oled tv,overhead sound immersion experience.
The speakers I use,and Anthem are an excellent combo for music and movies,but for the above requirements,think now is the time to change.
All suggestions greatly appreciated.
Best Regards.
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