Any Tech assistance appreciated ...!!


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Hi All

Im not a tecno dummy but id like to get some community assistance if possible.

Just Invested in a Sony Bravia KD-49XG9005BU and Sony Beam connected to Sony Playstation PS4 and running Freesat.
BTW Getting the Beam set up with the Bravia was a real pain.....Took me hours and a lot of Googling !!!

I've uploaded my old CD collection in to Google Play (we don't even have a CD player in the House !!) The sound is rich and true enough for me, and fine for small parties when played through the Beam.

Next steps for my project.
Id like to upload my DVD collection also (or some of them anyway) in a similar way to my CDs is this even possible..???
Control the Sony TV and Play selected music from my playlists and albums via a Google home Mini.
I know the Sonos can also be voice controlled, but i cant see the point if i can already run these functions through the TV.
Main aim is to keep the amount of remotes as low as possible..

I hear Amazon Alexa and Google Nest don't play nice together; and as i have my music uploaded in to Google Play The Nest should be the way to go i assume...?

Anything I've missed..?
All thoughts or considerations welcome as always.


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I think the only way you could manage the movies is to rip them and store the files on a network server. This is of course illegal and the server would need to be quite large and hence not that cheap. I guess what most people do is live with the dvd's they have, but buy new ones through Google or amazon who will keep them on line for you. Its like my Kindle, I may well already own a particular book, but I find that using the Kindle is much more convenient, and have found myself buying the book again so it is on the Kindle as well.
Many of us have been through this in the past, replacing records, and then tapes with cd's, and now we stream the same music that we may already own. I have bought videos, then duplicated them as dvd's, but never actually repeated again with blurays though. Even found myself watching films on tv over xmas which I already have on dvd, but the tv broadcast is in HD so better quality


Its not illegal to rip the discs if you own them, but there's no service similar to Google Play Music for DVDs I'm afraid. It would be illegal if you were to share your own rips.

You could invest in an UHD Blu-Ray player and use that to play discs, together with better quality Blu-Rays and UHD Blu-Rays. The latter would be showing the TV at its pinnacle.

Or you could think about a home media server to store copies of your discs, but it requires quite a bit of research and knowledge to set that up, including the time needed to rip each disc.


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And don't forget there's products out there like logitech harmony remote control... these allow you to have one remote control for all your devices. 👍
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