Question Apple tv app on Firestick 4k


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Does the apple tv app on Firestick 4k play content in 4k? I’ve seen some people say it just plays 1080p so wanted to check as Im thinking of buying a firestick for the apple app.


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As far as I’m aware it does, the only things it won’t do will be iTunes Extras, Dolby Vision and Atmos.


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I know the Firestick does Dolby Vision but does the ATV app as I read elsewhere that it doesn’t, unless of course it was added since that review was done.
100% works in the app. Dolby Vision flags trigger on display, switches to Dolby Vision preset and displays in info window as Dolby Vision for the content


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Dolby Vision - Yes
Dolby Atmos - No (it's DD+ 5.1)

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