Question Audio sync adjust on Marantz 1609.


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Hi, I have a Marantz 1609 hooked up to an androidnTV.

When I'm playing some video on the TV using ARC to get the audio back to the receiver, be it Netflix or off my own media server, sometimes the audio sync is out and isn't fixed with "auto lip-sync" . So I want to adjust it manually, I press "setup" on the Marantz controller to get into the audio setup menu, but that activates video in the hdmi cable to the tv, and shows the Marantz audio setup menu. So I lose the picture that I'm tying to adjust the audio for!?

This seems utterly ridiculous and I hope I've missed something simple , but surely I should be able to use the Audi settings menu on the receiver whilst still seeing the video in the screen?

Have I missed something?
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