Audioquest Dragonfly Volume on Windows


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I do most of my music listening on a Windows 10 PC with Shure SHR-1540 headphones via an Audioquest Dragonfly 1.2 USB DAC.

I have only one problem...I find the volume difficult to adjust, because for me comfortable listening levels correspond to settings of around 6 to 12 on the Windows volume control (which goes up to 100!) depending on the source application and track. I don't have much fine control over the volume. The problem is compounded by the fact that my keyboard volume control keys adjust the volume by 2 units rather than 1. I have to use the Windows volume slider to get "odd" values and I find it quite tricky to operate precisely.

I do have a pair of less sensitive headphones which require higher volume settings in Windows. This solves the problem. The trouble is I don't like the sound of those headphones so much.

So, I have a plan...Buy a new Audioquest Black with its lower output voltage (1.2V rather than the 1.8V of my current DAC).

So, my question is...Will my plan work? Will I get finer volume control?

Thanks in advance, Jim

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