AVForums Podcast: Episode 216 - 9th April 2018

Phil Hinton

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This week:

00:00:25 – Hangovers, holidays and Westworld
00:05:20 – Current competitions
00:06:35 – Oppo stops AV and HiFi production in favour of mobile phones
00:18:10 – Phil reviews the Sony VPL-VW760ES 4K laser projector
00:31:15 – JVC annouce an entry-level DLP 4K projector
00:36:00 – Ed decides if Qobuz worth the asking price?
00:47:40 – What did Phil and Steve think of Ready Player One?
00:58:18 – Films opening this week – Rampage, You, Me and Him, The Titan and Truth or Dare
01:00:47 – Disc releases – Star Wars: The Last Jedi and The Disaster Artist
01:04:32 – 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray disc news
01:11:00 – Upcoming reviews
01:20:40 – Goodbyes

Presented by Phil Hinton with Steve Withers and Ed Selley

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Cheers fellas, missed this last week!

I can't remember who mentioned Brooklyn 9 9 the other week but I've binged watched nearly the first 4 series since then!

It's silly but funny...well worth a look

I've never had anything by Oppo but I still have pioneer Kuro so I understand the:(
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Phil, I may have missed it but did you have an Oppo 205 and then return it? Why so?
Good to hear the REAL story behind them quitting manufacturing of the digital division!


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Phil, I may have missed it but did you have an Oppo 205 and then return it? Why so?
Good to hear the REAL story behind them quitting manufacturing of the digital division!
I assume it wasn't his to keep.

The sales numbers for the 203 and 205 in the EU was a lot higher than I thought. However, if it’s phones sales are as high the I can see the temptation to shutter the disc spinners.

It’s sad to see them go and glad I got my 203, but if we are looking at the last disc based format, then the loss is not as bad as it could have been

With the continuation of Oppo’s very good support, there is not a lot that can be added or left out by not making another player. I assume any more hardware changes to HDMI will not be essential, until we get to 8K which has got to go to SSD? If at all?

Missed you guys last week. Glad to have you back.
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Bye OPPO. Really like the OPPO portable headphone AMP design. I wonder if it will be available at a reduced price.

Hope to see OPPO Mobiles in EU to compete with the flagship premium phones.


The part where you bleep out Steve and just get Edd's comments was comedy magic! Pure brilliance

Toon Army

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Good to hear you all again and that Phil has found karma in relation to Star Wars.
Agreed with your thoughts about Oppo and I would like to think they set a standard for others to follow.
With regards to Birmingham Ed, having lived in the south east for nearly 50 years and then moved to a rural part of the West Midlands 5 years ago, I can assure you that the area and people are wonderful up here.
Re streaming services, I would also recommend the BBC iPlayer radio app. I download numerous music shows at 320 bit rate and 6 Music in particular, is another great way to discover new music.
PS Loved the bleeping start as well!
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Music Streaming Services.

What about TV Apps with Music Videos.

This is where Tidal and Apple Music excel.

Badger Mushroom

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On The Last Jedi, the reason Luke was wearing that particular outfit...

...was that he was supposed to have tried to burn down the Jedi tree on a few occasions. It just so happened that Rey turned up after another failed attempt, and Luke was wearing his 'ceremonial robes'. I can't remember whether I read this, or whether it's actually covered in the film when Luke is sat by the tree with Yoda


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Welcome back chaps and thanks for yet another witty and in-depth podcast. The Oppo section I did find very informative, never owned one and it looks like I never will.


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Also saw the first season of Westworld recently. Agreed the first half of the season seemed slow. But thinking about it afterwards it was essentially the 'world building' that made the payoffs in the second half of the season all the better. Also liked the fact you didn't know what was going to happen until the last scene of the final episode. Wasn't predictable like most shows.

Westworld season 2 starts on Monday 23 April 2am BST to be precise!


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Is there a written up review of the Sony 760 coming? I can't listen to a pod cast at work ;-)


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Excellent as always guys.

Steve’s Forrest Gump impression :)

You should have to do accents on the movie quotes in the podcast from now on.

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