AVForums Podcast: Episode 270 - 29th July 2019

Phil Hinton

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00:00:39 - We return from our holidays
00:10:00 - Current Competitions
00:12:33 - Phil previews the Panasonic GZ1500 OLED TV
00:24:57 - Ed reviews the Harman Kardon Citation 500 Wireless speaker
00:29:13 - Steve reviews the Harman Kardon Citation Bar
00:38:40 - Ed's playlist, album and vinyl of the month
00:46:14 - What we saw at the cinema during our holiday
00:52:56 - Films released this week
01:00:14 - Film of the month
01:02:39 - 4K and Blu-ray discs released this week
01:06:50 - 4K and Blu-ray discs of the month
01:18:39 - Streaming releases this week
01:21:11 - Film news, trailers and TV trailers from SDCC
01:37:01 - Our thoughts on the passing of Rutger Hauer
01:40:31 - Goodbyes

Presented by Phil Hinton with Steve Withers, Cas Harlow and Ed Selley

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I didnt know Rutger Hauer passed away. That's quite sad. Perfect quote from Bladerunner for it, I love that line.

Nice lenghty podcast, thanks for that. I wont get to listen until tomorrow morning but looking forward to it. I missed listening to you guys!

Toon Army

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Thanks gents. I will listen to this and forthcoming episodes in the coming month when I have a couple of long plane flights and train journeys. Hope the other passengers don't mind me laughing occasionally if they are up to the usual standards.


Lots to cover this week, great show my dudes.

Regarding Panasonic TVs, like the sound of this new OLED. There is something almost undefinably “right” about the way a Panasonic picture looks, that can’t be told in graphs and stats. Need to start saving.

It was mentioned very briefly, but The Boys on Amazon is worth a look. Nicely violent and gory, a bit like Watchmen with a cynically commercial 21st century slant. Which doesn’t bode well for the actual Watchmen show coming from HBO!


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Another gem in Rutger's back catalogue is Split Second where he is tracking a Xenomorph like creature through the waterlogged streets on London whilst sustaining himself with copius amounts of chocolate, I know it sounds bizarre but I have fond childhood memories of it

He made so many movies back in the day that the video shop became my favourite place to hang out hoping I'd get his latest offering



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Oh thank lord I am not the only one who plays motorway shuffle to piss others off. My trick is to sit in the middle lane ( when all three lanes are full ) and indicate right and watch the cars shuffle up ....

As I drive a land rover defender, the fast lane is a lane not often travelled.

Thanks for another great podcast. Most enjoyable again. And the more I listen the more I think I might be related to ed.


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Great guys - but please let people finish their sentences (points being made)
I would like to hear more of what Cas has to say - especially in that last section regarding 'expections' of franchise developments - he must have been cut off mid-sentance about 4 times - even Phil was getting cut off at times!


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Trying to make a PG-13 Blade film? :nono: Disney?

This quote comes to mind: "Some m***********s always trying to ice skate uphill"


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Great pod, really missed it these past few weeks. As I am in the market for a new TV, looking forward to the review of the LG amongst others

golden phoenix

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@Phil Hinton when are we likely to see the review of the GZ2000?

golden phoenix

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This week.
@Phil Hinton are you able to test SKYQ whilst you have the GZ1500? Quite a few of us AVForums members are having issues with the GZ2000 and TV speaker crackling when watching DD programs on SKyQ such as the movies. It has also been mentioned by a couple GZ1500 owners also. And also crackling in the Internal Netflix app. Pana are not being too helpful at the moment on the issue and it’s being discussed in the owners thread Panasonic GZ2000 OLED Owners Thread

If it could be raised to anyone who might care at Pana would really appreciate it.

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