AVForums Podcast: Episode 275 - 16th September 2019


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I suspect you are right about piracy.
There's been a huge turnaround for the music industry, and it wasn't down to any of their rather Draconian attempts to put people off piracy , but down to the likes of Spotify simply offering a good service at a good price. Simple really.
Absolutely. And you'll find my post on that whole debacle in the "No Disney+ for the UK" thread.
Downside for the artists - the rate paid for listens (Which means many fewer people buying Albums) is really miniscule. But still better than the Piracy days, which seriously got close to shutting down the Industry for any but the biggest Artists, whatever you might read.


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With reference to Count Withers botty problems it reminds me of a situation that happened to me some years ago and I feel the need to share and confess. :lesson:

I was parambulating around a small monument which is situated in the forecourt of Charing Cross Station (where us London taxi driver's drive around to get to the main pickup point) and I was admiring all the filigree work when I felt a gripe in my tummy. Thinking this was just going to be a pop, bang, wheezer imagine to my surprise (and chagrin) that a hardened encrusted piece of faecal matter shot out at a rate of knots about the size of a small marble impacting my boxer shorts and then dropping at ninety degrees down my trackie trousers. :eek: Fortunately these trousers have elasticated bottoms so the offending little so and so was trapped. I took out of the boot a piece of rag and managed (surreptitiously) to collect the little bugger and deposited it into the boot.

As I regard myself as a clean person I then shoved another piece of (clean) rag up me bottom so there would not be any offending marks on my boxer shorts. As I keep wet hand wipes with me I was then able to wipe my hands and made sure all was clean and hygienic. Thank heavens I wasn't wearing shorts the mind boggles especially for the taxi driver behind me. The little problem was then flushed away later when I used one of the hotels who kindly allow us to use their facilities. I feel so much better now that I have confessed to this aberration in my life. It has absolutely nothing to do with AV but then parts of your (luverly) podcasts don't either..... so there. :)


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It has absolutely nothing to do with AV but then parts of your (luverly) podcasts don't either..... so there. :)
You could say that this pop bang incident covered the first, "Audio" requirement of AV, but very luckily did not fulfil the second, at least for any one else! :)

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It will probably be over the weekend. The review is done, it is just a case of timing when it gets space on the home page.

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