Question AVR for MA Radius One Soundbar?


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As above, I picked up a Monitor Audio Radius One and intended on using just the centre with my Radius 225’s either side but decided to go for a third 225 as a centre and sell the Radius One.

Changed my mind and thought I would pop the Radius One in the bedroom for my Samsung QE55Q6FN so I need an amp for it.

Any ideas what to go for? I would like Pioneer as I have two 501’s in my rack for sitting room and also snug where I have 5.1.2 and 5.1. Again I think I might centralise it so pop it in the rack also and run the speakers cable etc to the bedroom so there is no AVR, Kodi/Plex Box (Vero 4K+) in there, just the TV and soundbar.

Having it in the rack also means I can pop a IP HDMI switch in so I could use the Unraid server running a Windows 10 gaming VM. I use Control4 for all this so it would work well.

I have never bought a AVR for a soundbar so I don’t know if a third 501 would be overkill? Also if I decided not to centralise it and have the AVR in the bedroom maybe one of the slimline 5.1 AVR’s might be a good idea?

Thanks in advance!
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