Question Best way to connect KS9500 and Pioneer VSX LX 303 for Atmos


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I have the Samsung 65'' KS9500, and a Pioneer vsx lx 303 av receiver. I am not sure what the best way to get 4k/hdr and crucially, Atmos content to play from Amazon Prime or Netflix would be.

I would ideally like to play content using the TV's inbuilt apps. But would ARC support atmos ? What about a TOSLINK cable to the pioneer?

If not, am i limited to playing content from maybe a Roku SS+ / Xbox One S etc , connected to the av receiver ? This is less desirable due to the need for using multiple remotes, so would ideally drive the media from the TV's app and remote.

Many thanks for any advice.


ARC can play Dolby Digital Plus and it's associated Atmos metadata when broadcast providing the TV is capable of passing Atmos. Digital optical is restricted to Dolby Digital and will not facilitate Atmos.


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Hi.. I have a 78" KS9500 too.

To transmit the 5.1 audio from Netflix app to my Denon X4300H, I find that I have to switch the option to Dolby Digital on the TV all the time. It defaults back to PCM. Does that happen to you too ?

However, I do not know if I can actually play Netflix Atmos and transmit the audio the my receiver.
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