Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (Zavvi Exclusive) (4K UHD/Blu-ray Steelbook)


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NOWAY! Only 30 minutes left!

To think - if there was a cross over of Bill & Ted and Back to the Future...and the rest is history!

Now that would be EXCELLENT! Where both parties jump into a parallel universe!


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Ordered! With 10% off.


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why isnt this showing for me? I have RC but i click the link and it takes me to a general page

also the product is not searchable on the site


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Such a poor artwork imho.... what's up with that title?
It would have suited being on the back if needs must but at the front it just makes it look like the film title, bizarre decision making that's par for the course nowadays it seems! Luckily the 4K amaray is decent enough so that'll do.
I don't understand why they didn't just use the amaray art as it is mostly the same anyway! Sticking Wyld Stallyns on the cover is also an odd design choice as well as it gives the impression of that being the title of the movie.

Not sure what is going on with some steelbooks of late. Many seem to have such unappealing artwork compared with the amaray that you wonder how they ever got approved in the first place. Unsure if I will be picking this up or not... may just go for the cheaper amaray instead. It's 4K only as well, isn't it, rather than being 4K plus BD? I am fine with it being 4K only as I already have the BD steelbook that was released a few years back.


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Germany release a dual version with the 2 movies (shared steelbook)
What makes you think that? It's 2 disc, the blu-ray is included.
Because the amaray only shows 4K UHD on the cover rather than 4K UHD + BD:


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Because the amaray only shows 4K UHD on the slipcover rather than 4K UHD + BD:
The listings state 2 discs (Zavvi even say includes blu-ray) and the artwork itself still has the blu-ray logo front and spine so it should still have the blu-ray. Could just be whoever is doing the mock not putting it on, the same was done on The Fifth Element, both Studiocanal, who usually include the Blu-ray. Time will tell as ever.

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