BOSE 500 Subwoofer not working when casting to Chromecast Ultra


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I have recently bought a Google Chromecast Ultra so I can stream BT Sport Ultimate in 4K HDR to my new LG TV. This picture works perfectly.

today I have received my new Bose 500 setup including a soundbar and subwoofer. The soundbar is working whilst casting but there is zero bass coming from the subwoofer but it’s been working all day with music and when not casting.

I have tested casting Netflix direct to my LG TV, ignoring Chromecast that’s plugged into the TV in a HDMI port, via Air Play and the bass box works.

Can anyone help with why it wouldn’t be working ? The soundbar can be connected via optical or HDMI arc, I’ve tried both and it still doesnt work.
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I have done further testing. I have tried to use my PS4 Pro whilst streaming bbc iPlayer (the footballs on) and the subwoofer also does not work.

I’ve tried switching too all three sound outputs in PS4 Settings.

The BBC iPlayer app on the Smart TV also does not work with the subwoofer.

Surely this cannot be the case! This must be an easy fix somewhere in the way I’ve got things setup. The Bose system was hardly cheap...


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So I somehow have fixed it.
I deleted and reinstalled the BOSE music app, I also changed to use Optical cable and turned off the HDMI CEC on my TV.
I’m not sure which one worked, maybe the app as that was the last thing I did.

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