Question Box says no signal - what can I do?


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I have a single Sky cable in the little office i have at home. Had a really od box that gave me free sat and I was fine with that. It stopped working after a power cut. I bought a cheap box from Facebook marketplace, but it didn't work, it just said it wasn't receiving a signal. I assumed something wrong with aerial. I called an aerial man who tested and confirmed I have a decent signal and showed me a TV picture on his testing device. He did something to the box and said, "shouldn't really do this, it could mess up your box but its, not working so you have nothing to lose" I don't know what he did but i left it a while after he made the changes, turned it back on and it worked....Until i swapped the power cable and got the no signal message again.

I assumed the box was broken and not worth fixing so for the sake of a £10 have just bought another Sky box (DRX890). The same thing has happened though, it's telling me "no signal is being received". I don't believe it's possible i have another faulty box so does anyone know what might be causing this or what i can do please?



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