Question Budget Av Receiver advise.


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Hi, I'm looking to kit out my daughters living room with some home cinema options.
(on the cheap).
It's her 21st in a couple of weeks so have decided to upgrade her tv/music listening experience. She currently has an all in one system that is very old.
I've managed to get the tv/blu ray player etc, just need a basic ish receiver to run it all through.
Again, the buzzword is budget so after a lot of Internet trawling I've got my options down to 2.
They are the Denon Avr x550bt or the Pioneer Vsx-534d. Maybe the Yamaha Rx-v485.
Help would be greatly appreciated.
Note..... I have a pristeen set of Canton 80cx's that will be used in the set up.


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If music is as important (or maybe more so) as movies/TV then you should consider the Marantz NR1510


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I'd suggest the Yamaha as being the best of the options you've proposed. I base this upon the fact it includes room EQ correction as well as auto calibration. The Denon receiver has neither room EQ correction or the ability to calibrate itself using an external mic. The Pioneer AV receiver will be less intuitive to use.


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I got another avrx2400h.
I have one in my living room that powers my q acoustics speakers so I know that it is a nice receiver. The second one was for my daughter so she could have a decent set up at her place, I paired it with a Canton 80cx speaker set up as she has quite a small living room. She's very happy with it.

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