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Hello all, I'm looking for some setup help and also advice on products to buy.

I've just moved to a new house and have had dual cat 6 cables run in from a central cupboard to 3 locations:

Sitting room

I also have 5 x lengths of speaker cabling from the lounge to cupboard.

The lounge will be my cinema room and I already have circa 7 year old Kef egg speakers.

I do need a new amp and sub, nothing hi end but would like some suggestions please with a max budget of about £500 for both.

In the cupboard I'll have the amp, sky hd and a ps3. I'd like to have sky hd and the ps3 able to play in any of the three locations. I guess this will require a cat to hdmi switch/matrix ? Can someone please recom a product please ?

Am I correct in saying that the lounge tv will connect to the new amp via the cat6/hdmi, sky and the ps3 will then connect to the amp ? I can't quite get my head round how this will be cabled with a switch/matrix in the middle???

Will I connect an optical from sky to amp or do I also need an optical from cupboard to TV in lounge ? Just in case it's not clear, it's only the lounge that I wish to have surround sound in, the other locations will use the TV speakers.

My tv in the lounge is a panasonic g15.

Any help greatly appreciated.




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You might get a better response if you split your question up and post in the various sub forums. This part of the forum is generally frequented by newbies asking about less complicated setups i.e. one TV!

Distributing HD audio and video is pretty specialised and therefore the cabling subforum and perhaps the DIY/Gallery forums are your best bet. Have you used the search function? You aren't the first person to want to do this, so use it and read the results. If you still have specific questions, fire away and create a new thread.

For subwoofers, I would look at the BK Elec range.
For AV Receivers, the performance is generally on a par, so I would buy the one that has the required number of inputs and features you need. The Kefs are considered to be neutral in sonic character and should therefore suit pretty much any receiver. I'm a big fan of Denon and Yamaha. I would look at the Denon AVR 1911/2311 and Yamaha RX-V676/767/1067. A demo should confirm which meets your needs in terms of features and sound and also get hands on to see how they are setup. Some are easier than others but remember once they are setup, that's it.

Edit - Long term, I would be looking at upgrading the speakers too as the eggs are pretty limited in terms of performance.
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