Can I turn passive rear speakers into wireless speakers?


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My wife and I just bought a house and unfortunately I won’t have a movie room anymore so we’re moving my set up into our main living room. My wife wants to eliminate speaker wires from showing on the rear speakers in my 5.1 set up and I Am not allowed to send wires through the wall.

So what would you do to get wireless rear sound?

I currently have 2 M&K SUR55T Tri-pole as my Rears and they are passively powered at the moment.

thanks all! I am also open to selling those and getting a wireless rear pair to connect to my receiver if that’s less hassle.

my receiver is a Yamaha TSR-7850


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Even if you get wireless rear speakers, they're not going to be truly wireless as they have power cables.

What's your new room like? Is it carpeted?
If it is, it's not a big job to hide the speaker cable under the carpet. The cable will still be visible from the floor up to the speakers, but that's the case with wireless too - you'd see the power cable.

Most wireless rears tend to be part of a complete system, either a 5.1 system or soundbar based.

Will you be decorating the new room? If you are you could chase the cables into the walls (or get someone to do it for you) if you want them to be completely invisible.


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This PureLink CSW 600 is the simplest solution I've yet seen on the market but of course it still needs power - and a speaker connection to each speaker.

Not sure the quality is all that, but for surround is probably fine.

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