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From the Captain Marvel thread:
I’ll predict a 6/7 out of 10 right now. “Ok film, but run of the mill cookie cutter entry in the MCU”
An expected review/score.


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Not for white dudes.


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Thoroughly enjoyed this last night. Little slow starting off, and a little confusing for some to follow but once it got going it was great!

Few funny bits, and some that could have been made funnier.
Awesome soundtrack!
Two post credit scenes.


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It was entertaining as the 2hrs flew by, it also joined some of the dots that were left open in Infinity War, as well as adding a couple of additions to the end to expand on the trailer for Endgame. (It also confirmed and rubbished a number of possibilities for Endgame that have been posted on YouTube)

As for the overall film, it reminded me of Black Panther, in that it showed how they came to be, but added very little to the Marvel storyline itself, and if these two films had not been made, nothing would have been lost in the sequence of things. (Apart from the teasers)

Look forward to seeing it again when it comes out on the streaming services, but otherwise it was a bit of a non-entity for me.



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I agree with the review too, my 17yr old daughter thought it was brilliant though.

SLJ certainly had fun in this one, as did Ben Mendelsohn


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Anyone else noticed at the start of each marvel film for the last year the first scene is set in the dark or generally not well lit?

Convoy Ambush in BP.
Asguardian ship in IW.
Recovery mission in CM.

Overall I enjoyed it, though wasn't blown away by anything. No major diverts or aspects that blew my mind. Just a somewhat standard story to introduce a character and lead into Endgame. Much like BP introducing Wakanda and BP as a hero. Roll on next month :clap:


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Any points in the film I should be worried about with an 8 year old? She's watched all of the other films and currently only issue was the beginning of Infinity War.

Thanks in advance!

And reviews are coming in exactly where I expected for an origin story.

Casimir Harlow

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Any points in the film I should be worried about with an 8 year old? She's watched all of the other films and currently only issue was the beginning of Infinity War.

Thanks in advance!

And reviews are coming in exactly where I expected for an origin story.
There are a couple of scenes of people with blast wounds, an alien autopsy (not really gruesome at all, but it's an autopsy nonetheless) and a couple of unnecessary swear words. I think it's a great film to inspire younger girls - particularly as was mentioned on the other thread, the final act 'montage' - whether 8 is a suitable age really should be down to the parent but, for comparison, I'd probably show *most* of it to my 6 year old daughter, albeit from the comfort of the sofa, with the remote at the ready.

barnaby jones

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Any points in the film I should be worried about with an 8 year old? She's watched all of the other films and currently only issue was the beginning of Infinity War.

Thanks in advance!

And reviews are coming in exactly where I expected for an origin story.
Nope she’ll be fine.


Thanks for the review....

I saw this last Wednesday and i liked the it perfect ? No but it has enough going for it to make it entertaining.
People are way to demanding of this film because of the upcoming Avengers : Endgame hoping that they will discover what that movie is going to be about. It was never the intention of Marvel to be that in-between movie to connect them together in a big way i think, it is meant to be the start of a new character to the MCU series and that's how i see this. Same was for Doctor Strange and Black Panther although they don't have the weight of expectations on them like Captain does.
I'm pretty sure that when Avengers : Endgame arrives the first camp to shout BOOO is the DCU fans and after that there are going to be a lot of Marvel fans who say it's a let-down......
no wonder when the expectations are higher than the sky

I'll give this a solid 8 out of 10.


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Mid-range MCU effort for me. The first half felt stale with underwritten characters and lackluster villains. Whilst I enjoyed the 90's references, at times it did feel a smidge shoehorned (I still think that Guardians set the bench for evoking feelings of nostalgia).

The MCU is a rich tapestry, with varying degrees of styles and genres; even with certain directors offering unique stamps on established franchises. Titles like Ant-Man, Winter Soldier and Guardians found their stride effortlessly but directors Boden and Fleck seem to struggle with this film's identity. Much of the humour feels awkward but the introduction of Goose and Fury addresses this issue. Captain Marvel eventually brings it home during its second half, as interesting themes of corruption and human persistence rise to the surface.

I think that the Brie Larson's lead character sets a strong feminist message about women being extraordinary, persevering obstacles and inspiring each other. Equally, I think that there is room to grow and mature into the overarching MCU narrative (just as Steve Rogers has in Winter Soldier and beyond); I welcome Captain Marvel's involvement in Endgame with much anticipation.

All things considered, a mid-range MCU effort is still a fairly decent film. Despite its flaws, Captain Marvel gets there eventually. As its wider involvement in the Marvel universe is revealed, it kind of feels like that difficult jigsaw piece, that you try and push and rotate to finally get it to fit.

I very much agree with Cas' review and a 7 feels about right. That was a good catch regarding the musical score; less than 24 hours after having viewed the film, I cannot remember what the theme sounds like (but can pretty much hum the music from Thor, Avengers et al - and even Dr Strange).


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I hope I get to see this with my daughter too, especially as she likes the MCU. But I honestly think Alita and Wonder Woman would resonate more with her in terms of female empowerment as there is something fundamentally unrelatable about Larson's Danvers. She seems oddly disconnected from the world she's operating in; like it's beneath her. The character is at her happiest whenever she's hanging out with her friend and her daughter (and I suspect that's true of the actress as well, based on her adoration for women of colour). It's not egregious enough to ruin the film, but it does diminish what it could have been.

In fact I'll go so far as to say I think she's the first miscast hero in the MCU (since Ed Norton anyway). One review I saw made the point: "can you imagine anyone else inhabiting the role?". With the likes of Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Star Lord etc the answer is no. Yet I can think of several actresses that may have been a more comfortable fit here. Emily Blunt is sometimes mentioned, but I keep coming back to Blake Lively.

All moot of course, as here we are. The film is still a lot of fun and I look forward to seeing it again, but I just hope the character's power set doesn't dominate too heavily in Endgame. It would be a genuine shame if the ultimate limelight was shifted to a newcomer that isn't a fan favourite.


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Really enjoyed it as did my 14 year old daughter. Though Brie Larson was perfectly cast, the soundtrack was superb - can’t wait to hear it again on my home setup, and there were some excellent details like the Right Stuff ref in blockbusters.

A solid 8 for me.


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Thoughly enjoyed movie in Imax / 3d " dont know why people dont like 3d these genre type movies are ideal for this medium" .
This ties in the start and finish of Shield/Avengers generation ,Jude Law character worked well .Music score proved awesome .7/8 for me.


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I thoroughly enjoyed it, soundtrack was great(seen most of the bands live back in the day) also the Stan lee cameo was great!!!


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Goose, surely the best film cat EVER!!

The word "cat" is used in its metaphorical and not literal sense

Why don't you guys have a 'Spolier' icon in the bar above? It would make life so much easier!


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Just out of IMAX 3D & I had a great time, saw it with my Bro-in law and sister who absolutely adored it.
Not top tier Marvel but bloody good fun which connects nicely into the MCU.
Post credit scene gave me goose bumps


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just back from the imax 3D- you just cant avoid the first film having to be an origin story even though we had a good dose of T'challa in civil war black panther still had origin stuff to go through so you cant abuse this film for having to do the same

loved the tribute to Stan - RIP the amazin' one

thought the best de-aging I have seen of fury and coulson

really enjoyed it - solid 8 for me - maybe 8.5 for the cat?


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I had a great time watching this. I read some reviews before hand and it lowered my expectations a little. When I was leaving the cinema it occurred to me that those reviewers were watching a different movie. But I spent a bit of time last night going through YouTube reviews from more professionals and although no-one hated the film they also had similar thoughts. I think the general consensus is that unlike Black Panther or Winter Soldier the characters are largely underwritten.

Another angle was that the film suffered because of it was less fan service and more about female empowerment. I'm not one for films going overboard on this but I don't think this film suffered because of it. If anything it might have suffered without it because it's a nice funny film but not much more. She really didn't have a properly fleshed out character arc. Thor Ragnarok was funny but better.

I also don't see the criticism about her being stoic all the time, I saw her do lots of smiling a lot of the time.

Basically this film kind of tops and tails the whole Avengers cycle from phase 1 to phase 3 and puts a pretty ribbon on top. Plus it segways (maybe a little too obviously) into Endgame.

7/10 is about right.
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