Question CES 2020 AVR's?


and that is the big question, YPAO needs to be updated and while the outside has had some changes, it is what changes they have made to the inside and apps or remote that count.

A screen grab from the CES 2020 YAMAHA gif, does have some icons that seem interesting, eg is that fourth icon a "mail" icon? The icons I see in the top row are Wifi - Bluetooth - Timer - Mail. what do others see?

CES 2020 YAMAHA.jpg

then there is the select/return and enter function dial! This must be for those "hands on" people that like to touch dials. Unfortunately the led display looks to be smaller than what they currently have and harder to read from a distance.

judging from the reflections in the gif, it looks like this was shown in confined area with only a few people standing around, it would have been nice if avforms had been present.
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I mean, practically speaking, sound bars make A LOT of sense.

They take up less room, a kid can't topple one of your expensive floor standing speakers on their delicate heads, You don't need much in the way of DIY skills or cabling to install it and it likely won't annoy your neighbours (as much) etc etc.

But then if you want the best you can get (like me), you're going to stick with separates.
This is an AV site and therefore we not looking for life style products, so much as the best sounding. Having said that the receiver in a single box format seems very old world these days.


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Having said that the receiver in a single box format seems very old world high-end these days.
High-end and too fancy/expensive for average Joe.

I had relations over at Christmas and I put on Star Wars Battlefront II on the big screen (streaming from my PC upstairs to NVidia Shield) and the game was playing in surround through the Denon amp to the 7.1 speakers. And games like these usually make better use of surround than most movies (more activity in back/surround channels).

After a few minutes of game play, I got a strange reaction to it from the 12yo niece - "that sound is creepy".

I said "That's the first time I have heard that word being used to describe surround sound!"

Maybe it was the tripole side channels she wasn't used to? They don't have any real surround in their house... only built in 65" TV speakers.

Of course it seems nowadays, everything that young girls don't like or understand is "creepy"... o_O


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Thought I would randomly tap 'Denon 2020' in to Youtube, and this video appeared from Nov 2019 which actually has some very detailed information about the current range and he mentioned September 2020 for HDMI 2.1

He did say most of the AVR's back to 2015 have been upgraded with eARC and ALL, which I didn't realise.

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