CES 2020 News: Hisense unveils new 4K TVs for UK


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If Hisense have seen the gap left by Samsung & LG who are concentrating on high end then there is a killing to be made by offering high quality TVs with prices lower than the major brands.

When Hisense get traction and can be trusted with £2000 ++ spend by techo people like us at that time Hisense should jump into 8k, a decent & stable UI is a must.

On Oled :: what if an 8k screen was to be duplex and alternate between two screens (true screen shift), would Oled screen burn be a thing of the past !!


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No mention of new OLED TVs??

Hisense missed a trick last year by not releasing the H9F in Europe. The earlier than usual release schedule makes me suspicious that they are just going to release an upgraded H9F for us this time around. Probably try and charge a decent premium as well ...


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They already announced no dual layer for the U.K., Europe does get it.

UK announcement is entirely sparse on specs, they pretty much told us nothing.

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I can't for the life of me understand that the uled xd isn't coming to the UK, why... Hisense really sell the UK short with their tvs....


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Was going to purchase a tv for my bedroom, but will probably wait for one of these now. Any idea how much they will probably cost?
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