CES 2020 News: Samsung and Philips join Filmmaker Mode


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As much as this is a good thing I just hope the consumer (if they choose) have a choice to disable this. If this is forced and can't be removed then it will annoy a lot of people.


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I think it’s a good easy way to get everything as intended for people who aren’t familiar with it all. Let’s be honest, for most people how on earth are they supposed to know whether they should be on ‘standard’ or ‘natural’ modes etc?

As said above it needs to be optional though, and the ‘dreaded Soap opera effect’ isn’t accurate really if we’re talking about setting FI to its lowest levels, but let’s not go there again!


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Definitely a good idea to have a dedicated setting , and maybe a shortcut button on the remote. Not so sure about having it activate automatically though. Maybe a prompt advising that the TV is not in the optimal picture mode when you start watching a movie would be a better idea, with the option to turn it on at that point.

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It won't be forced on anyone, and I doubt the automatic feature will ever be implemented. I suspect it will just be a dedicated button the remote.


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I can't help wondering who it's aimed at, seems gimmicky.

People who have never heard of colour balance, Gamma, processing etc. won't care... and those that do care probably already know enough to set their TV up for themselves.

Ah well, guess it can't do any harm.
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From what I can gather, it's just like Pioneer's Pure Mode, all processing is OFF, all I have on is Smooth Gradation to Low anyway.


Think I'm missing something with this. I agree with Roohster. Surely the people who care about accuracy will already have motion processing off and the right aspect ratio when they're watching a film anyway?
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