CES VIDEO: LG BX, CX, GX OLED AutoCal updates for 2020 announced at CES | Interview


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They were open is showing icons for both AppleTV+ and Disney+.

TO me this is a massive selling point.

I mean who cares how good the picture quality is if you can’t watch your favourite services directly on the TV Native APPS. Sure you can buy a streaming box , but there are constant compatibility and other issues doing it that way.

Panasonic should have stated what Apps they will support at CES. bad decision not to. Well done LG.


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Yeah but why trust Autocal anyway.
More shareholder massaging.
I was surprised how good it is.
I had mine calibrated a while back and watched it in action.

Obviously it's preferable to get a calibrator in, but it's great for people who fancy having a go themselves... and a good starting point for a pro calibration.

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