CHiQ C8UT - RGB-Laser UST projector


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Gregory has published his review of the CHiQ C8UT, a triple-laser UST projector, based on the 0.66" TI DLP chip.

For European/50Hz markets, the downside is that it transforms everything to 60Hz.

As for the upsides, well 99.4% Rec.2020 coverage!

It's list price in Europe is 8700 euros, which is high, but far lower than a Sony VPL-VW870 or a JVC Z1 while offering a larger gamut.

I'll be moving at the end of the year from a house to an apartment, so I'm looking at UST solutions. The question is, will this be worth more than double the price of the Optoma?

Gregory's test of the CHiQ C8UT


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This gamut measurement which comes from Chromapure I believe is slightly misleading.
CP reports the "size" of the gamut relative to the target. (ie just the relative area of the triangle - instead of the overlap between true 2020 and the measured gamut)
This is not the same as "Coverage". It looks like the green primary isn't where it should be so actual coverage of REC2020 will be lower than this figure.
Still impressive coverage I'm sure...


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After considering all sides, and not wanting to wait on potential future projectors that are currently vapourware, I placed my order today. 6900 euros, delivery in about 3 weeks.
I'll report my findings when it arrives (I also need to buy some calibration equipment, although I'll start with Gregory's settings. I'm also ordering a Vividstorm floor rising 120" screen to go with it.

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'6900 euros' for a projector which converts 50Hz to 60Hz. Why would you buy that in Europe?


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