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So, a few of us at work have all got COD Black Ops to have a bit of Private Multiplayer action on our XBox One's now it is Backwards Compatible on there.

2 of us previously played Black Ops on our 360's, so all was good when playing on our XBone's, (our old 360 profiles loaded up no problem etc) but the other 2 have never played it before, so playing for the first time ever

The problem we have is that the 2 newbies do not show up on our in-game friends list, so in effect, they cannot join our Private game, nor be invited to join our game?!

Does anyone know why this is? We persuaded the 2 newbies to get Black Ops to join in with our Private matches, and they are a bit hacked off they cannot join in!

Any advice/ideas would be most welcome :confused:


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Have you followed and added them as friends and vice versa?

Could it be anything to do with your Nat?

They aren't playing on PS4's are they? ...stupid question but thought I'd ask


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Yeah, we are all appear on each other's Xbox Friends list, just not on the in game list!
Hmm, didn't think of the NAT issue. I know mine is open, but if theirs is strict or moderate, that may make a difference, will have a look into that tonight
We are all definitely on Xbox's by the way

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