COD - Season pass. How/where to download new maps?


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Ok, don't laugh.

Have a season pass for Ghosts. Where do I download the new maps etc? In the Xbox store or in game?

And if in game - where does it show up? Banging my head against a brick wall now! ;)

Could anyone post up an idiots guide please.

Many thanks.

Mr Noble

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still havent seen freefall come up despite downloading it
it has it's own playlist , have you installed it too?

@Kieron if you have the season pass you will get a notification to launch the game when a new update is sent, a message should pop up in the game menu listing new content with press A to download (just to note i'm going by how the festive camo download worked)


install it? its sat in my add ons section so i guess so, also just installed the season pass as i almost forgot


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Played and love the new maps. Do you need to unlock the new weapon ?


not played them on the one yet, only my 360, have to say im not impressed, played 2 games so far and its just camping haven, guess it will be the same on the one


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A ghillie suit seems to make you almost completely invisible on Fog which is irritating, apart from that (and the ridiculous Michael Myers thing) I quite liked it.
The only other one I've played was Containment and I *hated* it. I never saw anybody at all, they were all just camped up. It was worse than Stonehaven.


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I've recently purchased a season pass, downloaded all the map packs, but it will only let me play nemesis, and the base set of maps, do I need to something else??

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