Question Confused about VHS to DVD conversion - can this device do it?


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Hi all. I appreciate this question has probably been answered a million times so I apologise.

following some family deaths, us young ones want to put the entire family’s collection of VHS recording of old family events onto DVD.

my sister bought this player for the job, but I’m reading the manual and can’t find anything detailing how to do it.. does this model even copy VHS to DVD at all? Here’s the link to the manual - Table Of Contents; Contents - Philips DVP3350V/05 User Manual [Page 4] | ManualsLib

please help?

ultimately here’s what I want to accomplish - concert all VHS tapes (10-15 tapes) to DVD. Later on, some of them I might rip to my computer and I’m going to set up a family YouTube account and upload some videos or clips. If this player doesn’t do the job of copying to DVD, happy to receive any suggestions of how to record these tapes directly onto my computer instead - would rather not do it the ‘screen recorder’ way though


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Hmmm....looking at the manual, you can only copy from DVD to VCR with this device, not the other way round.

You would need to use it as a VCR player and connect it to a PC video capture device to record in (real time) to a PC. Unfortunately the VCR output is only Composite video, which is the lowest quality output. S-VHS or Component would be better quality (potentially).

If you wanted to stay with a one box solution, you would need something like this....

But second hand, you don't really know what you're getting, wear levels etc.

This device (or similar) would allow you to capture video from the Philips VCR you have and stores it on memory card(s) to be copied to PC for editing saving to DVD etc.

This type of device (or similar) will capture video direct to your PC for you to edit etc.



.... does this model even copy VHS to DVD at all? Here’s the link to the manual -
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Unfortunately this model is not suitable for the job because the Disc Drive section is a play unit only. It is not capable of recording discs.

Others here may advise you about capture devices for using a PC... but I would recommend using a Panasonic unit.
Either a VCR/DVD combo unit ( almost certainly only available second hand now),,, or a DVD recorder in combination with a standalone VCR.

The DVD recorder would have to be an older model which still is in possession of analogue inputs.
Modern DVD recorders are all digital and cannot accept an input from a VCR - so again, second hand only.

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