Control tivo from another room


I have a second tv in the kitchen fed from VM Tivo (not V6) via Rf Modulator,via co-ax, approx 30 feet distant.
Is there a way of changing channels on the Tivo from second TV in the kitchen without further cables?
I have seen kits for Sky but not VM Tivo.


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There's the VM TV Control app, but not sure if it works with the original Tivo, might only work with V6...


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The control app is compatible with both the V6 and the TiVo boxes.

Note that the box in question has to be conected to your home network in order for the app to be able to control it while the device the app is running on is also connected to that same home network. In the case of the TiVo this would require a wired ethernet cable from the box to your router.

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