Question Could you please suggest a receiver and how many speakers do i need in our new house?


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We are building a house in south west Florida (Key West Style) with very high ceiling around 30 feet tall with a cupola. It comes already with 3 125 watts speakers who are located on the lower ceiling at around 18 feet high, located just behind where the couch will be to watch TV. This family room is about 800 square feet. We also have, 2 125 watts speakers in the lanai outside. All the wiring from the speakers are coming to same spot, where the TV will be. We are not very experienced with receivers and speakers or subwoofers... Could anyone please suggest us what material we need?
Thank you so much


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A plan of the room layout may help people give you some more detailed advice.


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Also a budget and what you are wanting, i.e home cinema experience or.....

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