Days of Thunder 4K Blu-ray Review & Comments

golden phoenix

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Thanks for the review Cas, haven't seen days of thunder for decades or top gun for that matter! Might revisit both of them. To be honest I think Tom cruise just gets better with age, his work on oblivion, edge of tomorrow, and of course his tour de force mission impossible movies are all fantastic.


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Thanks for the Review. My Wife is the Car Nut in the Family, so on the Rental List this Disk goes! :)


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nice one!
Watched it not too long ago on Laserdisc, now I need this!
Also gave Top Gun a spin last week on Blu-ray and definitely pick that up on UHD as well :D

Kotatsu Neko

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I watched this in 4K on iTunes recently and having not seen it since when it first came out I enjoyed it. It's obvious that Buckheimer wanted to capture the Top Gun magic again, but it doesn't quite pull it off.

This is I think partly down to the weak soundtrack which is virtually devoid of songs, and even the orchestral score is pretty forgettable stuff. There's also a lack of a interesting characters outside of Cruise and Duvall.

Still, a fun movie, just not a classic.

Steve Withers

Despite having owned Days of Thunder on Laserdisc, DVD and Blu-ray, I've never actually watched it. I finally watched my new 4K disc, and much to my surprise I really enjoyed it. The picture is superb, loads of detail and very film-like. The soundtrack might 'only' be Dolby TrueHD 5.1 but it has plenty of impact, directional effects and bass.

Fake Shempz

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Pretty awful movie (mainly the scriptwriting), but still fun to watch.

Even as a kid, there was one particularly terrible scene that stuck out:

Cruise was in bed with Kidman, and I'm pretty certain he was explaining the concept of slipstreaming to her - and commented as if it was something he and his pit manager had pretty much invented themselves:
"'s something Harry and I work on together....its called draughting....blah blah blah"


Ed Selley

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Despite having owned Days of Thunder on Laserdisc, DVD and Blu-ray, I've never actually watched it.
What's the rough estimate on expenditure for those three unwatched iterations?


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thanks cas - happy days in lockdown as today brought in the post this one, war of the worlds and top gun - looks like a rough night for the neighbours

and blues brothers next week - has to be good especially if the soundtrack is improved

come on studios there are so many more movies that need releasing on the best format available - Indy films?


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Thanks for the review. This landed on my doormat today along with WOTW and Top Gun. I have never actually seen it either but looking forward to checking it out soon.

I only watched TOP Gun on ITunes 4K a week ago but I think that will still be my next 4K disc to watch based on the review of that earlier 🤗I just love that movie. I can’t help it. It’s one of only a few films I will watch again and again if I see it channel hopping. Along with Jaws...... which I watched on UHD this weekend and it blew me away.

Some top quality releases recently. Good times.


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Thanks for the review Cas, going to have to pick this up, was always a guilty pleasure.
I actually enjoyed the OST, didn’t have the hits of Topgun but was a decent score all the same.
I had Topgun/WotW already on ATV but will definitely pick up Topgun on UHD if it’s bundled with Maverick later in the year as the audio is always lacking when streamed.


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I should also add that when I watched Lightning McQueen for the first time with my son (only last year!)

I found myself comparing it to days of thunder in some ways, I did wonder if they drew some inspiration from this film :)


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I've just finished watching it, and while it's no Top Gun, in film and 4K presentation, it's still damn good entertainment and it does look great in 4K. I watched the Top Gun 4K disc on Saturday and I found myself grinning like an idiot all the way through because it looked so good. It's definitely one of the best looking 4K discs I've bought so far :thumbsup:

1080 jawbreaker

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Produced by Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer. Any movie with those 2 attached and i was in regardless of the movie :)


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Mine never arrived from WOWhd despite shipping same day as Top Gun, which I got a couple of weeks ago. I guess I have to battle with WOW to get a refund now :(


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FYI, like Top Gun, this has a new BD enclosed as the extras mirror the UHD disc.

Just ignore the 2012 date on the actual disc.


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I watched Top gun the other week, and it looked and sounded stellar. Cheesy movie but highly entertaining.

Had not watched Days of Thunder since it was released in the cinema, and after enjoying TG so much I thought I would give this a go. Starts of quite well, and the sound was very good, but once Nicole Kidman’s character is introduced it really goes downhill. The plot was so predictable, and some of the lines are not the best. Sad to say I didn’t even make it to the end.


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Produced by Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer. Any movie with those 2 attached and i was in regardless of the movie :)
I remember reading in a movie magazine at the time, that Don Simpson intended to launch his own acting movie career by starring in it too. He played the rival driver to Cruise's character - a role later split between two other more capable actors - but he was so wooden that his scenes were cut almost completely from the finished movie. If you look at the numerous talking heads sequences of other drivers talking about Cruise, most of them are real drivers, but one of 'em is Simpson, all that remains of his acting career.


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I will be picking this up. I remember seeing this film when it first came out. I am curious to see how they did with the transfer to 4K. The review was really good and now has me wanting to get this movie on 4K. I never owned this movie and this would be the way to see it.

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