deck lighting... can i use power from old hot tub?


Hi guys.

decking will soon be finished (crosses fingers) and we are contemplating putting in some decking lighting.

the people we bought the house from had a hot tub in the back yard so there is still the power to that (currently off at the RCD and switch outside).

i take it i could use this to power the deck lighting? the RCD says B32 on it so im guessing its a 32amp unit. could i just use that with the deck lighting? would i need a more low rated RCD?

also, can anyone recommend a good value place to get the lighting from. is b&q/wickes any good or are there better & cheaper places online?

also, thoughts on colours. blue, white or ultrabright etc? i tend to lean towards blue as im a gadget guy and we do love our blue lights. i wonder if i can get a more indigo colour like on the PS2 :laugh:


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Not sure without seeing it but you it will be fine. Have you got a commando socket in place at the moment? Should be somewhere local to where the hottub was. This needs disconnecting and replacing with an outdoor fused spur unit which you can then wire the lights from, depending on the rating of your lights a 3/5amp fuse needs popping in the spur.
I always think white looks better but I know what you mean about blue.


no commando.

basically its just SWA (steel wire armoured) to one of these:

IP65 Rotary Isolator Switch -Indoor or Outdoor Use - 32A / 16kW Isolator Switch

then the SWA goes from that to an unterminated cable. i havent capped it off properly as its off at the fuse box (its just swapped in electrical tape outside behind the shed at the moment). so, in theory i could run the SWA from the isolator switch to inside my shed, fit a fused spur in there and wire the lights up to that?

yeah, not sure on if blue will look tacky or not. i guess i need to see some pics. i could maybe photoshop some photos.


anyone else have any insight on this?

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