Denon AVR X3200 -- should I use it with my Arcam AirDAC or is the built-in DAC good enough?


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Hello. I have just inherited a Denon AVR x3200 amplifier. It seems great. For now, I will use it solely for stereo audio playback, with a pair of B&W CM9s.

My question is: when I play from my iPhone or MacBook using the amp's built-in AirPlay, is the audio benefitting from a good, built-in DAC? I own an Arcam Airdac, which I'm currently using elsewhere, but if it would make a big improvement to the sound quality I could add it to the mix.

Any expert advice appreciated.

Thank you.


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Try it and see!

Denon AVR's are not great for 2 channel music in my experience, but if it's working for you that's good. The external DAC could improve things, but I think the Denon will still do some analogue to digital to analogue conversions, even if you have it in pure direct mode. But as I say, give it a try and see how it sounds.

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