Denon AVR-X3600H Sky Q loses sound


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I've had this receiver a few weeks and recently it firmware updated and I changed the Sky Q box to Dolby Digital Plus output through HDMI. Since then when I'm watching Sky TV the receiver just gives up and outputs audio through the TV's tiny speakers. There doesn't seem to be any way to get it back except turning sky off and on again. Then the receiver decides to work a while longer, but then if I change channel or pause or rewind TV I often lose it again. The TV takes over and the receiver sits there doing nothing. Can anyone explain how to stop it or what's going on?



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Just to confirm the Q box is connected to an input on the 3600 and not the TV?

If that's the case sounds like an issue with the amp. Have you tried a factory reset and setting it up again. You'll need to rerun the Auddssey setup again but it's the first thing I'd try.


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Hello, yes I have only an HDMI out of the sky box into the Cbl/Sat input on the AVR-X3600H. Then HDMI to the TV out of the monitor 1 arc/earc output.

What normally fixes it is turning off and back on the Q box whilst leaving the receiver and TV on. Which is what is confusing me. I turned off HDMI control on the Sky Q box but that didn't help.

It's like the Sky Q box is sneaking the audio signal past the Denon somehow.
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