Detecting A Spy Gadget?


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This is a weird one;

We have a new neighbour and, after many months we began to suspect that he might be putting a glass to our party wall and listening to us.

A few weeks back, putting out the bins and I picked up a scrap of paper and it was a receipt for something called 'HY-929'.

Curious, we google the reference and it turns out to be a contact microphone, spy gadget thing that can hear through walls.

Pretty sure that it works because we;ve deliberately said some things and shortly had them repeated back to us.

The question is, can this kind of gizmo be detected when in place / in use and if so, what do I need to detect it?


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Certainly weird!

Think you need more evidence, lots of things could have that ref number.

Just get on with your life


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In my first job, I built and tested what we euphemistically called "Home Office" equipment, including things like contact mics, lie detectors and other "gadgets" for certain departments within the government...

Things that emit any RF - like cameras, radio bugs and the similar are easy to detect, but a basic contact mic would be much harder. They can however be blocked. A small speaker attached directly to the wall and playing some muddled conversations would very effectively block the audio, as it will make the whole wall vibrate - but you would be unlikely to hear it in your house, unless you pressed your ear to the wall.

Of course, you could always record some false conversations and play those. Personally I would go down the route of discussing all the rumours you have just made up and heard about them...


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Don't know if OP is doing some knee tremblers against that wall?;):D;)

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